6 cottagecore Christmas decorating ideas that will give you the warm and fuzzies

Still debating how to style your space? Cottagecore Christmas decorating ideas are going to win you over

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If you wish to do the cozy season correctly, take note of Cottagecore Christmas decorating ideas, a.k.a. the most conducive way to bring some hygge into your home this winter.

Cottagecore serves us well throughout each season, but if you ask us, the style particularly shines during the cold-weather months. Who wouldn't fancy an afternoon on a plush couch — surrounded by charming rustic vibes — cup of tea at hand? You can sign us up and pass us the batch of magazines on the coffee table, please and thank you. 

Now, if you're still debating what route to take with your Christmas decorations this year, we have a feeling this look will win you over. Here's how interior designers recommend making Cottagecore Christmas happen. 

Cottagecore Christmas decorating ideas

If you want to channel Rosehill Cottage from The Holiday, there are a few steps to take to point you in the proper direction, from small lighting tweaks to fun textile swaps. Please note, you will achieve the look of Iris' home, but this does not come with a hunky Jude Law lookalike.  

1. Add warm lighting

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Wondering what *not* to do before decorating a small space for Christmas? Relying on the lights in your rental is the first order of business. If you're aiming for a Cottagecore feeling that wraps around you like a hug, stark overhead lighting is a no-go. 

"Opt for dimmer lights to achieve that cozy cottage feel by swapping to a warm-toned bulb for your ceiling lights to create a more gentle and flattering glow," says Stacey Clarke, general manager at B2C Furniture. "This helps reduce the harshness that artificial lighting typically has, promoting a relaxed and warmer ambiance."

To further drive the look home, have a look at LED Fairy Lights from Amazon to drape over a mantle or bookshelf. (And candles won't hurt, either.) 

Stacey Clarke

Stacey Clarke is the general manager at B2C Furniture, a brand with a goal to "make substance and style affordable to the environmentally conscious."

2. Layer textiles

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Much like other popular festive decorating trends, like 2023's beloved Neutral Christmas decor, Cottagecore is best achieved by piling up on textiles and using complementary fabrics. 

"Focus on layering softer textures throughout by placing a combination of thick and fluffy blankets over sofas and chairs, defining any seating spaces with rugs, and using thicker linen covers for pillows to add extra warmth," Clarke notes. "Incorporate pops of patterns and solid colors, such as soft-toned floral or gingham-patterned curtains, to emphasize textures around the space."

3. Go to the thrift store

"Visit your local vintage or second-hand furniture stores as these can be a gold mine for finding unique vintage pieces, adding touches of classic antique elements around your home for a cottage feel," Clarke notes. 

If you're a bit unsure of where to begin, we recommend having a look at our favorite Thrifttok accounts for some tips and inspiration. And if you want to achieve that old-school look, Walmart Christmas decor has plenty of vintage-inspired pieces that will perfectly complement your cottage vibes.

4. Add rustic touches

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When discussing neutral-toned decor, designer Jamie Young, the founder of Jamie Young Co., previously told Real Homes to bring the outdoors in. The same is true of Cottagecore decorating. 

"Consider bringing in natural elements like pinecones, birch branches, and holly that can create the ambiance of the winter holidays without being too commercial," she said.

Let's face facts: those OG cottages aren't smack dab in the middle of busy cities; they're in bucolic environment, so why not channel that in your apartment...even if you're in downtown Manhattan? 

Jamie Young

For over two decades, the husband and wife team of Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter have worked together as Jamie Young Co., using their love of art, architecture, and adventure to craft approachable, design-driven pieces to bring together a wide range of handcrafted designs inspired by near and far.

5. Decorate a statement piece

Cozy living room winter interior with fireplace and a cottage vibe

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When attempting to achieve a cozy, cottage style, designer Artem Kropovinsky says that eye-catching accents are the way to go. 

"Go for statement pieces of furniture such as a big, comfortable armchair or an oversized couch," he says. "They form comforting centers for the room."

This is especially true when decorating for the holidays. Use that plush accent chair or velvet couch as your decoration focal point by adding cute pillows, blankets, and keeping the festive decor nearby. 

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

6. Choose the proper colors

a living room cozy decorated for christmas includes an orange couch

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Though Kropovinsky is in favor of warm colors like creamy whites and earthy greens, designer Elizabeth Vergara suggests stepping away from neutrals and taking things up a notch. 

"To achieve a cozy winter aesthetic in your home, focus on warm colors like deep reds and rich greens, complemented by soft textiles such as wool and faux fur," she says.

Elizabeth Vergara/Qwoted
Elizabeth Vergara

Elizabeth Vergara is the owner, principal designer, and lead project manager at the Latina owned luxury design and build agency Vergara Homes. Over the past 13+ years, Elizabeth has been helping homeowners design and renovate their upscale homes as a Design Build Specialist.


What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is just as it sounds: an aesthetic, either for interiors or closets, that focuses on a simple, wholesome, back-to-nature look that also feels more sustainable than other styles. The trend took off on TikTok, and plenty of users were flaunting their maxi Reformation dresses as a result. In terms of interiors, Cottagecore focuses on rustic, aged, vintage feels via baskets, florals, and warm-toned prints.

What are popular ways to decorate for Christmas in 2023?

There are plenty of holiday themes prevalent throughout 2023. Coastal holiday decor will put a seaside, aqua twist on your Christmas decor and replace the star on the top of your tree with a starfish. Don't be afraid to incorporate summer accents into this trend. 

Minimalist Christmas decor is all about simplicity and elegance, be it with velvet throw pillows, subtle trinkets, and outdoor elements. You'll want to take advantage of muted colors, rustic accents, and a clutter-free display to achieve this look.

Neutral Christmas decor is similar, however, it asks you to mix textures and emphasize the off-white colors that you're working with, likely by adding cozy elements and various textiles.

So, what's going to happen after Christmas? It's going to be a colorful affair, that's for sure. We spoke to experts about the small space color trends that will be huge in 2024, and we have a feeling you're going to love them all.

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