When is the next Bank Holiday? Yes, we have two in May in the UK

We have just had a May Bank Holiday but the good news is there is another one just weeks away. Find out when the next bank holiday is here

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We have just had a bank holiday, but you may be wondering when the next one is – especially if this one felt too short. The answer is that it is much sooner than you think. In the UK, we have two bank holidays in May (lucky) and the next one is on 25th May. That is just two weeks away.

We recommend making the most of the next one – it is the last national three day weekend until August when we have a bank holiday at the end. While we are still not entirely sure how lockdown will affect our plans for the next bank holiday, it is always a good opportunity to get on top of DIY jobs around the home, or spend some quality time cooking and gardening with the family.

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Why do we have two bank holidays in May?

The first bank holiday in May is always at the start to roughly coincide with May Day. This year it was moved from the first Monday of May to the following Friday (the 8th) to double as a celebration for VE Day. Parades and big national events had been planned to commemorate 75 years since the war ended in Europe, but these had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

The second May bank holiday is Spring Bank Holiday and falls on Monday 25th May 2020. It is meant to fall after Whit Sunday, or the Pentecost which is an important date in the Christian calendar and falls seven Sundays after Easter Sunday. This year Whit Sunday is actually on the 31st, but the Late May Bank Holiday, or Spring Bank Holiday as it is known, always falls on the last Sunday of May and has done officially since 1971. 

School half term holidays coincide with the Late May Bank Holiday, after which children usually go back to school for the rest of the summer term. It looks unlikely that children will go back as soon as that this year due to Covid-19, but we are yet to have confirmation either way.

Not sure what to do this bank holiday?

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