Wayfair sale: our favourite home buys for 2021

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Spending your money in the Wayfair sale? Live on-site isn't only a sale, but also outlet deals and clearance deals. We're talking everything from bedroom furniture to home decor and living room buys, all at super cheap prices. Welcome to the Real Homes edit of the Wayfair sale – keep scrolling for the top deals, or should there be no deals, we've listed our favourite buys for 2021.

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The best Wayfair deals and buys

These are the very best Wayfair buys below. Prices are from low to high.

Maddalena 140cm x 79cm Frameless Bath Screen | £93.92 £57.99 at Wayfair
An easy way to give your bathroom an update? Switch out your shower curtain with a lovely new screen. This one is affordable, square and surprisingly easy to fit – we have it in our bathroom and so far, so good.View Deal

17 Stories 1 Drawer Bedside Table

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17 Stories 1 Drawer Bedside Table | £62.99 at Wayfair
Available in white, black, anthracite or oak, this bedside table is a great space-saver. We have two in our bedroom and we love them. Though the drawer is small, there's a shelf for your laptop or current reading material to sit, and you can pop a lamp on top.View Deal

Freeport Park Hanging Chair | £99.99 £87.99 at Wayfair
This easy-going hammock-shaped hanging chair is made from handwoven polycotton and will take an impressive 150 kilograms. The perfect addition to any garden, or living room, and it comes in lots of colours. Boho decor at its finest...

View Deal

Ariya Desk Chair | £83.99 at Wayfair
A lovely (and comfortable) desk chair that can easily be tucked away, the Ariya chair is on wheels and it's adjustable in height. Someone in our team works from this desk chair every single day...View Deal

Allure Cream Rug

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Allure Cream Rug | £92.99 at Wayfair
This very Instagrammable rug comes in several colours, but creme is our fave. A member of the our team owns and loves this rug – the quality is incredible when considering the price, and it comes in lots of sizes.View Deal

17 Stories Desk | £113.99 at Wayfair
Tried, tested and loved by someone on our team, this space-saving desk has a large drawer, and it has a metal frame for durability. Not a fan of the oak? Get your DIY trousers on...View Deal

Ramona Stainless Steel Charcoal/Wood Burning Fire Pit

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Ramona Stainless Steel Charcoal/Wood Burning Fire Pit | £239.99 at Wayfair
One of or favourite fire pits on Wayfair, this steel number can be used as a fire pit or as a grill (grill top purchased separately). You can also burn either wood or charcoal in this one, perfect if you like switching between using it just for warming and for cooking. View Deal

Madison Mirapocket 2000 Memory Mattress | £689 £480.38 at Wayfair
Say goodbye to back and neckache with this amazing mattress that combines the classic comfort of a pocket-sprung mattress with the extra body-moulding properties of a memory foam mattress. The mattress responds to people of any weight, so you don't have to worry about it being too soft or too hard.View Deal

Wayfair rug sale

From elaborate and oriental to minimalist and neutral-coloured, Wayfair has every rug shape, size, and material imaginable, often cheaper than elsewhere.

Click to shop Wayfair rugs, or see low-prices (and on sale) buys below.

Wayfair sale garden furniture

Wayfair stock some stylish garden furniture – from bistro sets to sofa sets and dining options.

Click to shop Wayfair garden furniture, or see low-priced (and on sale) buys below.

Wayfair gazebo sale

Looking to buy a gazebo? No matter the size of your garden, you should find one at Wayfair.

Click to shop Wayfair gazebos, or see low-priced (and on sale) buys below.

Wayfair sale sofas

If you are investing in a new sofa, and you aren't fussed about seeing it in person, your best bet is to shop at Wayfair. With a huge range to choose from, all in different sizes and styles, there's something for every living room

Click to shop Wayfair sofas, or shop low-priced (and on sale) buys below.

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