Scandi small bedroom ideas — 6 ways interior designers love bringing hygge in

Bring airy, cozy vibes to your place with these Scandi small bedroom ideas

Airy Scandi small bedroom ideas look like this bed with a wooden petal shaped headboard and white sheets, with a nightstand next to it and suitcase in front of it
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Bringing Scandi small bedroom ideas into your place is a wonderful way to create a cozy atmosphere whilst still making the space feel bright and breezy.

We've chatted with designers who love this airy design aesthetic, and they've revealed what they like to use to bring the hygge (cozy factor). From lighter colors to rustic textures, we're in love with the six ways our experts channel this look in small bedrooms.

For those searching for small bedroom ideas which will stand the test of time, you can't go wrong with this classic style.

Scandi small bedroom ideas

Whether you know what Scandinavian design is and are on the hunt for specific ideas, or perhaps you just want to shake up your sleep space, this aesthetic is a versatile small bedroom design to have in your wheelhouse.

We've also found matching buys where our designers have recommended anything specific types of products, so you can start shopping the look now.

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1. Go for slimline furniture

A white bedroom with black windows, red curtains, and a white bed

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Choosing non bulky furniture will not only help you bring in the Scandi goodness, but also make your small bedroom look bigger.

“A skinny, tapered-legged lamp (we love these Mistana Wooden Lamp set on Wayfair), chair or small table would be my go-to for a Scandi-inspired styled bedroom,” says Ashley Childs, designer and founder of elk & HAMMER.

A black and white picture of Ashley Childs, a woman with a ponytail and white shirt
Ashley Childs

Ashley Childs is an artist, designer, and founder of elk & HAMMER where she expertly and in mindfully curates homes pieces that will last a lifetime. 

She adds, “These add a sense of space, delicacy, and sturdy Scandinavian structure.”

Letting sleek, statement pieces like these do the talking is a key part of this design style.

2. Lay down a lovely rug

A white bedroom with a scalloped jute rug, a white bed, a chair, and a nightstand

(Image credit: French Bedroom)

Scandinavian is all about using simplistic decor to create a relaxed atmosphere, which is where beautiful rugs come in.

Ashley says, “I like to mix minimalist wooden pieces with a white, textured rug. You could also find a rug with a black and white pattern or one weft in pattern.”

If you have wooden flooring in your bedroom, we also like to go for jute rugs (this Salvino Natural Fiber Rug on Pottery Barn is on our wish list) to add a rustic touch.

3. Paint with neutral colors

A white wall with a white and black wall art print and a wooden console table with candles and a plant on it

(Image credit: Green Lili)

While we don't normally say no to a color pop, for Scandi decor it’s usually best to pick minimalistic paint colors.

“I pair together bright whites, rich creams, and soft light grays to refresh small bedrooms in a Scandinavian way,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York. He specializes in minimalistic designs such as Scandi.

You can use these as wall colors or even learn how to upcycle furniture pieces with them. This is especially useful if you’re renting and can’t splash color onto your walls.

These shades will also make your small bedroom look bright and airy, giving it a relaxed feel.

4. Layer up lighter decor

A wooden beaded nightstand with a lamp and notepad on it, next to a white chair with a pillow and a white bed

(Image credit: Jenny Reimold)

Layering lighter accents and decor is crucial to styling any Scandi-inspired small bedroom. 

“You can create dimension and depth even in a small space by marrying up different materials and colors,” suggests HomeGoods style expert, Jenny Reimold.

Jenny Reimold
Jenny Reimold

Jenny Reimold is a designer, HomeGoods style expert, HGTV contributing designer, and a mom of seven. One of her favorite style aesthetics is Scandi.

For example, Jenny suggests pairing a warm greige throw pillow (these Aqothes Throw Pillows are Amazon's Choice) and a handwoven, tasseled blanket (this Berberblanket Pom Pom Blanket is Etsy's Pick) on top of an upholstered white chair. 

You could also layer different throw knitted blankets and pillows onto the bed to create an inviting place to rest after a long day. Don't forget, if you have a super cozy non-synthetic blanket, it's worth learning how to wash a wool blanket without shrinking it so you can keep yours fresh and in top condition.

5. Bring in wooden furniture

A wooden wardrobe with a glass vase with pampas grass in front of it

(Image credit: Rose & Grey)

Using wood of all different colors is one of the best ways to quickly make your small bedroom Scandi.

“Wood is Scandinavian designs sacred material, so you can’t go wrong with a minimalist, wooden bedside table, a new wooden headboard (we love this Millwood Pines Headboard on Wayfair) , or a bed frame with room under the bed to store all kinds of clothes, bedding, and shoes,” explains Ashley.

For a more sustainable option, be sure to check out where to find second hand furniture stores for unique, pre-loved wooden pieces.

6. Add thoughtful finishing touches

A windowsill with pink and gray candlesticks and a vase of pink flowers

(Image credit: JYSK)

The word hygge means creating a cozy, contented mood, so it’s important not to forget little accents which will improve the quality of life in your bedroom.

Artem says, “Lighting a scented candle, adding a reed diffuser, and using vibrant indoor plants can change the ambiance of your small bedroom for the better.”

To find the scent you enjoy the most, we always say to head to a store such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond, then sniffing out different candles to find the fragrance you resonate with.

Bringing in Scandi decor and touches will make your small bedroom look cozy and comfortable. 

Bedrooms are the places we go to rest and recuperate, and by taking the time to decorate it in your preferred style, you'll be able to fully unwind.

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