Walmart will now deliver you fresh Christmas tree greenery straight to your door (and hang your holiday lights)

Walmart takes on the heavy lifting this season with new services to make holiday prep a little easier

christmas tree close up
(Image credit: Unsplash)

With the 2020 that we've been having, Walmart understands that anything that can add a bit of convenience to our lives will be a winning strategy. 

This year, Walmart wants you to step back and actually enjoy the Christmas season with the addition of services that let them do the heavy lifting, with the introduction of live Christmas trees and greenery with free delivery and light hanging services. 

Now, you can have the pretty tree, all the fresh greenery your heart desires, and the lit-up home with minimal effort, and to make way for activities you actually do enjoy. 

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Free Christmas Tree Delivery

Following the pursuit of The Home Depot, which has long offered free tree delivery, and Lowe's, Walmart joins in offering free live Christmas tree delivery, as well as other fresh Christmas staples like wreaths, garlands, and plants. 

While a beautifully trimmed live tree is Christmas goals, we can't keep thinking about all the hassle and struggle that goes into getting it home... perhaps that's why faux-trees are so popular. Yet, who can deny the magic that is having a live and fragrant Christmas tree showcased in your home? 

Walmart's latest venture enables you to accomplish all your shopping at once, including gifts, food, and tree shopping. Seems like the only thing left to do is trim the tree and wrap the presents.

Additionally, for those who really truly must select the perfect tree, real trees will be available in 1,000 stores nationwide right after Thanksgiving.  

Walmart: your new destination for fresh, live holiday greenery

The fresh fun doesn't stop there. Walmart is also offering delivery on various live greenery including Poinsettias, wreaths, garlands, and other plants from popular farms including Costa Farms, Van Zyverden, National Plant Network, and Collection by Tiffany. 


Mark hanging Christmas lights off your checklist

Now the service we're thrilled about? Walmart has partnered with Handy to offer light hanging services that will cost $129 for single-story homes and $199 for two-story homes. You will need to provide the supply of lights, clips or anchors, and extension cords, all of which can easily be purchased at Walmart. No more fumbling with ladders, untangling lights, or guessing the voltage, just leave it up to the experts to help put together your magical light display. 

These services will surely make our holiday season a little easier and to focus on the Christmas activities that we actually enjoy, like driving through the neighborhood to admire neighbor's lights, egg nog by the fire, or simply, good old family time.