These Mrs Hinch wax melts will make your home smell Zoflora clean just like hers

Desperate to get your hands on Mrs Hinch wax melts? Just keep reading to find out where she gets her Zoflora-inspired stash

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Heard of Mrs Hinch wax melts? It turns out that wax melts made to smell like cleaning products are a massive trend. Yes, it’s a new one on us, too, but as always we’re here to keep you in the loop, so scroll down for the inside story.

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We reckon popping Zoflora-inspired scents into a wax melt for a just-cleaned aroma is actually genius. And it doesn’t stop with Zoflora scents. Companies have started making melts that smell like other cleaning products – Lenor fabric conditioner, Febreze and Unstoppables. We even found one that smells like Dettol– although maybe that’s a step too far.


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Mrs Hinch’s go-to for wax melts is Ava May Aromas (go Hinchy for supporting the independents) where you can find all the classic Zoflora-inspired scents from Twilight Garden to our personal number one, Mountain Air. But, just in case you don’t want your home smelling like the inside of the mop bucket (and we mean that in the best possible way), they also do dupes for popular perfumes, too.

They even make Minkeh, Pinkeh and Buddy Mrs Hinch wax melts. These are exactly what they sound like: wax melts in the shape of Hinchy’s favourite cleaning sponges (or the Three Musketeers as they are more affectionately known). 

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