Simba now sell their mattresses in three different depths – and they've binned two sizes

Introducing the Simba Essential, Simba Original and the Simba Pro...

Simba mattress
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Looking to buy a Simba mattress? We think it's one of the best mattresses in the world, especially for side sleepers. If you're hoping to buy one of these mattresses but are fussy about how deep it is (perhaps because your bed is in a loft room with low ceilings), then you're in luck. 

Simba have released their much-loved Simba mattress in three different depths just in time for Black Friday weekend. Fabulous. This means, customers can choose between a Simba Essential mattress, a Simba Original mattress and a Simba Pro mattress – all of which are different depths and feature a different amount of springs inside. They've also stopped selling two mattress sizes. More info below.

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What are the new Simba mattress depths?

  • Simba Essential: 20cm deep | 1,500 springs
  • Simba Original: 25cm deep | 2,500 springs
  • Simba Pro: 28cm deep | 5,000 springs

Simba mattress up close

(Image credit: Simba)

Which Simba mattress sizes are no longer available to purchase?

Simba used to sell mattresses in small single and emperor, but they have recently been removed from their website and are no longer available to buy online.

How much are the new Simba mattresses?

Right now, there's a 20 per cent off deal on at Simba mattress, so these are the current prices on each size Simba mattress below. Otherwise, their usual price has been struck through.

Simba Essential mattress prices:

Simba Original mattress prices:

Simba Pro mattress pricing: 

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