Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review

We've reviewed the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress. Here's what we think about it...

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Real Homes Verdict

Comfortable, supportive and rather luxurious, we highly recommend this mattress if you want to keep cool and sleep through the night – without too much interruption from the other side of the bed

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Achieves it's 28cm depth

  • +

    Good (lack of) motion transfer

  • +

    Very cool nights sleep

  • +

    10 year guarantee

  • +

    Made in UK

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Heavy (in the box)

  • -

    Smell lingers for a few days

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Thinking about buying the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress? Then you've come to the right place. Getting a really good mattress is key to a decent night's sleep which is why we are always keen to review any new releases which could appeal to you. We've been trying this one out for size (and comfort) for the past couple of months, taking into account my own opinion of it, along with my husbands, to give you a balanced view about what it is really like to sleep on.

We totally get that you're looking to find the best mattress for your needs, and you'll find plenty of choice in our guide to the top picks – but don't miss our in-depth review first. 

Read below to see how we got on with the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress, or if you're already convinced you can visit the Simba website here. Keep scrolling to find out more...

Simba Hybrid Pro specifications

  • Tension: medium
  • Type: patented titanium aerocoil® spring + foam + natural wool
  • Sizes: single, double, king, super-king

Who will the Simba Hybrid Pro suit?

  • Front and side sleepers: there's enough foam there to sink into whilst supporting you;
  • Memory foam fans: you wouldn't even think there's a spring in sight;
  • Fidgets: they'll be hard pushed to wake fellow sleepers;
  • Dwellers with small homes to navigate, or large homes with narrow doorways: it arrives in a box so it can be easily moved around, so long as you have someone to help – it's heavy!

The unpacking

the Simba Hybrid Pro box in the bedroom with a wooden bed frame

The mattress arrives in a box...

(Image credit: Future)

I was somewhat relieved to see that the mattress arrived tightly rolled in a box. We have a steep, narrow staircase and I remember all too well the struggles of getting our old mattress up the stairs, so this was a big tick from the start. It is heavy, mind, so I strongly advise getting some help to haul it up the stairs, or wherever you need to move it to in the home.

Out of the box you'll find that the mattress is wrapped up snug in a plastic bag. I say snug because once you start to open this bag, the mattress will start to unravel so it is doing far more than just protecting it. My partner helped me to pull the mattress out of the box and into position on the bed. A handy little cutter, along with some paperwork, then emerged which I used to cut a line in the plastic with. It didn't take long for the mattress to be free as the force behind it helped to get it out of the bag.

Having the mattress out on the frame did initially look rather squished up. And there was an evident odour which filled the room somewhat, which had a plastically scent. We, admittedly, released the mattress from the box a bit late in the day (7pm) which only gave it a few hours to puff up to the advertised 28cm depth. It needed longer looking at the sides BUT was still a comfortable first night's sleep regardless. In Simba's little welcome pack it says that the mattress needs three to five hours to make itself at home but for us it took until we woke up in the morning to notice that the mattress had awakened, too. That odour was still lingering though...

Sleeping on the Simba Hybrid Pro

After the first couple of weeks, the unusual smell (which is down to the foam) had left the room. Both of us had also almost fully adjusted to our new mattress which started to feel like a pleasure to lie on, and was easy enough to get in and out of. Being six months pregnant, this is really important to me because I'm starting to feel (and look) big so the idea of any kind of rolling around to try to sit up or get out of bed would not be ideal – thankfully this was not the case on the Simba Hybrid Pro.

Come to think of it... motion transfer. I'm a lighter sleeper than I'm used to being these days (annoying) so any type of stir from the other side of the bed will wake me up. I'm pleased to report that aside from the duvet mysteriously being pulled from left to right, up and down, I didn't feel a flinch as Joe turned over. Not even a tremor, although I was fully aware that he was resident. For my partner, on the other hand, he could feel me move but not to the point it was an annoyance (he says) – guess this depended on where he was on his sleep cycle, and how rough I was being as I wrestled to get my pregnancy pillow where I wanted it to be during the night. He is also much taller than me so his experience is slightly different from my own.

This experience must come down to the (up to) individual 5,000 25mm titanium alloy conical pocket Aerocoil™ springs which work in harmony with the high definition, edging supporting foam and zoned support base. Those innovative springs are cone shaped which means that they individually respond to your body, and more can simply be packed in for even greater support. After all, Simba do say 'more springs, more comfort' on their website, so this must be the innovation behind it.

This image is a graph displaying Real Homes' firmness test on the Simba Hybrid pro; 10 being rock hard, 0 being super soft

This image displays our firmness test; 10 being rock hard, 0 being super soft

(Image credit: Future)

The tension of the Simba Hybrid Pro is not clearly advertised but, given the number of springs and the fact that this is a hybrid mattress, I would say that it is a medium-firm, erring more on the side of medium. This is my own conclusion I've drawn, anyway. I have tended to prefer a firm mattress in the past, but have found that the Simba mattress has some sinkage to it – which is actually a good thing when you're a side sleeper like I am, so my shoulders can be comfortably nestled into the surface.

Just to demonstrate the tension, the graph above shows how my partner and I have scored the mattress out of 10. My partner is 6ft 4 and well built so he naturally found the mattress slightly less firm than I did and gave it a six out of 10 for firmness. I'm 5ft 8 and carrying a sprog so I've being mainly lying on my left-hand-side or on my back, which has given me support whilst being nicely squishy on the surface, too – I gave it seven out of 10 for firmness.

To test the weight (below) I hauled my 56lb / 4stone weight up the stairs and onto the bed. In the middle of the bed I measured 7 (7cm) on our 1 - 10 firmness scale which isn't the firmest we have reviewed, nor is it the softest. so I class this as a medium-firm mattress. If I'm honest, I was surprised to see it sink by so much because it doesn't feel like that when lying on the mattress or getting up from it, which goes to show that there is still a tremendous amount of support which surrounds you as it responds to your body.

Weight test on the Simba Hybrid Pro, with a 4 stone weight placed on the mattress

You'll gently sink in to the surface for a (very) comfortable yet well supported sleep

(Image credit: Future)

On the edge of the mattress I thought I would try manoeuvring the weight a couple of times to see if the measurements would be any different. It seemed to be the closer I went to the edge, the less sinkage there was. One layer up from the zoned support base is a high-definition foam with edge support which comes into play here (more on this below). It was one of the last areas of the mattress to puff up after unpacking which, okay, is all around the mattress, but needless to say that it does a superb job of keeping the mattress in a good shape and helping us to get out of the bed, which is enough of a struggle already on December mornings.

Simba Hybrid Pro mattress fillings

All Simba mattresses (including this one) are sourced and made in Europe, working with state-of-the-art factories in the UK. This is true for the origins of every single one of the seven fillings which fill the Simba Hybrid Pro.

Starting at the top is a super-soft, breathable sleep surface which is hypoallergenic but NOT removable or washable. There is a zip underneath the mattress but this is labelled as being for manufacturing purposes only, so best to not touch that. It's worth flagging at this point that one of the best mattress protectors you can find would be invaluable here, for extending the life of your mattress by protecting it from any little accidents. Moving on down to the second layer is a natural wool layer which is naturally temperature regulating, making it a dream choice for hot sleepers throughout all-seasons in particular. Testing the mattress in the winter meant that we didn't find ourselves getting hot, but equally we didn't wake up during the night perspiring – so I'm confident that the mattress could breath beneath us. 

After this layer there's then a further layer of temperature regulation with open cell Simbatex foam with graphite for cooling. And then, taking up two layers, is up to 5,000 25mm, individual conical pocket titanium alloy Aerocoil™ springs which have been manufactured in Leeds (UK) which have each been enclosed in a 100 per cent polyester pocket for responding to every move of your body. 

High definition foam with edge support and a zoned support base provide a sturdy base, which then completes the total number of layers – for a solid sleep.

What do you get for your money?

Every Simba mattress comes with a ten year guarantee, free delivery to most in the UK and free returns if you decide the mattress isn't quite right for you during the 200 night trial.

The trial is competitive with other key players in the mattress world which offers you the chance to try the Simba Hybrid Pro for up to 200 days. It's a good chance to give it a whirl before you fully commit, plus it's a good way round not being able to try the mattress out in a store. If you decide that this is not the mattress for you, then you can just call the customer services team to arrange for collection and a full refund. And don’t worry – they wouldn’t dream of asking you to get it back in the box (phew!)

Ordering and delivery

In most cases, Simba deliver seven days a week when you pick a date at checkout with zero contact delivery as standard now, following the Covid-19 pandemic. The best time to order? When there's a Simba mattress deal on, of course!

How does it rate online?

On the Simba website the Hybrid Pro and Hybrid mattresses are pulling through the same 56,393 reviews (and counting). Out of five stars, customers here have collectively awarded the mattresses 4.8 stars, so unless you filter reviews by 'simba hybrid pro' or scroll through them all, it can be a little tricky to decipher the comments made about this particular mattress. 

After deploying both of these hacks though, I have seen some stand out comments about the Hybrid Pro with one customer citing: 'we didn’t think Simba could beat the standard (Simba Hybrid) mattress and now they have!!' Another customer says: 'Hybrid pro is the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Hugely improved sleep' The only slight negative on the Pro I can see was the small issue of the persistent smell, which this particular customer was still experiencing one month on. 

Elsewhere I've found the Simba Hybrid Pro on Amazon UK. The positive responses are echoed here with 4.3 out of 5 stars being awarded for both mattresses – but it is clear which of the two if being referred to by looking at the Style Name in the review box: the Pro has 7 layers. Looking at these, customers remark about how greatly the mattress has improved their sleep because it's just so comfortable and supportive – many now struggle to get out of bed (for the right reasons!).

How do the Simba Hybrid and Simba Hybrid Pro compare to each other?

In a nutshell, the main difference between the Simba Hybrid and the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress lies in the layers and the number of springs in each; the Hybrid has five layers of comfort and up to 3,000 springs, and the Pro has seven layers of comfort and up to 5,000 springs.

Those added springs and layers make for even more responsive support, even better heat regulation and ultimately an even more comfy night's sleep. The Pro also comes with unbeatable temperature regulation – thanks to the luxurious natural wool top layer – and a super soft, breathable hypoallergenic cover.

The Hybrid Pro is Simba's most advanced mattress so far, but as you can see from our Simba Hybrid mattress review, you'll always experience a decent night's sleep with either one of these options. It just depends on what you are looking for from a mattress, and your budget.

Is the Simba Hybrid Pro worth it? Here's our verdict...

If you want a mattress to gently sink in to whilst feeling well and truly supported then I would recommend the Simba Hybrid pro mattress to you, 100 per cent. As a side sleeper, and occasionally back sleeper depending on how my baby bump is feeling, the Hybrid Pro has been a dream to retreat to at the end of each day. There is some motion transfer, there's no denying that, but Joe and I are both quite tall and well built so I would expect that to some degree. There's also that touch of luxury with the temperature regulating wool layer, which is a very cool thought as I drift off. I'm confident you'll love this as much as I have reviewing it. Now, onto the next one...

About this review and our reviewer

Jennifer Oksien is our Appliances Editor across the homes titles at Future. This means that she spends her days working with appliance (and mattress) brands to ensure that you get the best products for your home. She lives in a Victorian terrace which is undergoing an unintentional renovation so whilst stripping back walls, ceiling and floors (etc!) she visualises how the space can be best used with a suite of gadgets, gizmos and home comforts to make home life that little bit more streamlined.

As with all our reviews, the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress has been tested first-hand in our home, using it just as you would so you know exactly what you are buying. The products are given to us free of charge and we test them for as long as possible before sending them back to the brand, unless we are able to keep it as we are with this mattress. This means that we can continue to use the product which gives us the opportunity to return to our reviews for updating, so you can keep up-to-date with how it's fared over a period of time.

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