11 coffee bar ideas for small spaces: brewing stations for the tightest of spots

These coffee bar ideas for small spaces will bring you cafe vibes every morning, no matter how tiny your space is

coffee bar area with coffee machine and white pegboard
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If you have a small kitchen but a big love for coffee, these coffee bar ideas for small spaces will certainly appeal. As with any room in the home, size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it that counts. And while you may have been browsing dream coffee stations that take up a whole countertop, there are plenty of smart coffee bar ideas for much more petite areas.

These small coffee bar ideas will inspire you to think creatively and we're sure you'll be able to squeeze in a nook that's dedicated to your favorite beverage.

Once you've bagged yourself the best coffee maker, think about what else you need to make your coffee – pretty coffee cups, sugar, fancy spoons, or even chocolate sprinkles, and ensure they've got a stylish home nearby, too. 

1. Create impact with a simple color palette 

coffee bar with coffee machines, black shelves and black mugs

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Create a coffee bar that's small but perfectly formed by sticking to a single color. This gorgeous little corner by @bris_prettylife uses matt black everything – from the coffee cups to the flowers – for a serene scene that's easy to navigate before you've had your morning coffee. 

 'A coffee bar does not have to be extravagant. It can be both simple and lovely, and when working with a smaller space, a simple scheme can often work to make your space feel larger than it is,' says Robin Antill, director at Leisure Buildings.

2. Save space with a peg board wall 

coffe machine with coffee equipment on a pegboard

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Space saving solutions are a must in smaller kitchens. If you think you haven't got enough countertop space for all your necessary coffee paraphernalia, think again! A pegboard wall like this from Amazon is the perfect way to hang utensils, milk jugs, and small coffee cups for an easy DIY coffee bar. You can even position small shelves to house your mugs too. As well as being undoubtedly practical, they bring a cool, quirky, and somewhat utilitarian feel to a space too. 

3. Build a coffee bar drawer into your cabinetry

built in coffee machine with pull out coffee bar

(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

If you're lucky enough to be installing a new kitchen, consider your caffeine needs right from the start of the planning process. Just as you can build in your oven or fridge, you can also build in a coffee bar! 

'Integrated appliances will create a streamlined appearance for your space, helping it flow seamlessly rather than be broken up by bulkier appliances,' says Graeme Smith, head of retail and commercial design at Life Kitchens.

This clever modern kitchen design includes a built-in coffee maker, a pull-out countertop drawer, and cup storage above, so you can craft your coffee with ease and then simply push the drawer out of sight – genius!

4. Choose matching jars and jugs to create a feature of even the smallest spaces

kitchen with coffee area and wooden wall hung shelves

(Image credit: @craftylittlemarket )

If you've not got a lot of space, keep your coffee bar area succinct and organized by matching up your jugs, jars, cannisters and coffee cups. This sweet design by @craftylittlemarket creates a twee and traditional feel with it matching ceramics. 

5. Use your breakfast bar as a coffee station 

Cute coffee nook idea with breakfast bar style counter, bar stools and framed typography prints in mono palette

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

'Where possible, it’s a good choice to keep your coffee machine on a worktop away from other appliances to create a dedicated zone for that all-important morning coffee,' says Ruth Lavender, design expert at Benchmarx.

This slimline breakfast bar is such a clever use of space in itself, but position a small single serve coffee maker and some jars and these two planks of wood are given a whole new purpose. We love how you can make your coffee whilst sitting on the stool too, making those early mornings a whole lot easier. 

6. Designate your coffee bar with a neon sign 

blue neon coffee sign in a tiled kitchen with plants

(Image credit: Custom Neon)

If you don't have the space to go all out with a coffee maker and put your coffee paraphernalia out on show, look to other ways to curate a dedicated coffee-making spot. A sign like this from Custom Neon is a simple way to add fun and quirky vibes to your room, while taking up absolutely no space at all. You could simply positon this above your tea kettle or French press-spot to bring those cafe feels to literally any size space. 

For a ready made choice, there are loads of neon coffee signs on Amazon.

7. Make space for a coffee bar with a portable unit 

coffee bar on a wooden industrial unit in a kitchen

(Image credit: Wayfair )

If there is simply no room left on your countertop, a slim floor standing shelving unit could transform the way you use your space. This kitchen cart from Wayfair is the ideal height to line up with your kitchen worktop or sit neatly beneath your window and is the ideal size for a small coffee machine. You can store everything else you need for the perfect beverage in the shelves beneath too. 

8. Keep it simple with a wooden coffee tray 

coffee pot and two white cups on a wooden tray in a kitchen

(Image credit: Getty/ Galina Zhigalova, EyeEm)

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Zone your kitchen with a simple tray that can work to designate you coffee-making zone. Be it in the corner of your kitchen or on your kitchen island, a wooden tray (see a few choices on Amazon) can work wonders to not only be a practical and protective addition to your space, but to visually create depth and add interest in your room. 

9. Maximize light and space with metallic tiles behind your coffee bar

grey kitchen with coffee bar and silver metallic tiles

(Image credit: Think Chic Interiors, Hulya Kolabas)

If your coffee bar is feeling dark and cramped, lighten things up with some shiny metallics. High shine kitchen tiles work to bounce light around the room, which can make a space feel both bigger and brighter. 

10. No space in the kitchen? Take your coffee bar into another room 

coffee bar idea in the dining room, wooden unit with wine bottles

(Image credit: Wayfair )

Sometimes your space simply isn't big enough to house everything you'd like it to, but a tiny kitchen doesn't necessarily mean a coffee bar is a no go. If you're a true coffee fan, steal some space from another room and make that into your little at-home cafe. This slimline sideboard from Wayfair is perfect for housing everything you need for a coffee bar and then some – why not combine this space with a wine cabinet so all your best beverages can live together. 

11. Hang shelves above your coffee machine to keep your coffee essentials in order 

coffee machine and wooden kitchen shelves in a white kitchen

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'Incorporate open shelves to house your mugs, cups, cookbooks, and other glassware. This clears the counters of clutter and offers you extra prep space,' says Antill.

When space is at a premium, wall-hung shelves are your answer, and that applies to your small coffee bar too. These simple industrial style shelves sit directly above the coffee maker and, adorned with colorful and patterned jars, is perfect for hosting everything from your coffee beans to your essential biscuits. 

How do you organize a coffee bar?

How you organize your coffee bar depends on the kind of space you're working with. As a general rule, the less clutter on your countertop the better, so where possible it's alway a good idea to store jars on shelves or in cupboards. Think about exactly what you need to make your coffees – do you need syrups, sprinkles, special spoons, milk jugs, and ensure all of these things are close to hand. A pegboard wall is a great way to keep everything all in one place, but if you don't love the idea of having everything out on show, cupboards or shelves with decorative jars could be your answer. 

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