Washi tape ideas: upcycle furniture with tape

Use these Washi tape ideas to give your furniture a new lease of life in this super quick and easy DIY project...

Washi tape ideas
(Image credit: James Gardiner/CICO Books)

Looking for Washi tape ideas? We've got you covered with this super quick and easy hack to upcycle your furniture. You literally just need Washi tape and scissors, plus the furniture you want to jazz up...

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You will need:


This project was taken from Wooden Furniture Hacks by Hester van Overbeek, published by CICO Books and is available on Amazon. 

  • Washi tape (it's a low-tack, decorative tape)
  • Scissors
  • Chest of drawers (or you could adapt this DIY for other pieces of furniture) 

Step one: decide on your washi tape

Think about what colours and patterns go well together. Here it's a chest of drawers that's being upcycled, so a colour for each drawer has been used. By lining up the reels of tape next to each other, you can decide which combinations you like best.

Washi tape ideas: step one

(Image credit: James Gardiner/CICO Books)

Step two: start sticking 

Start sticking lengths of tape to your drawer, making different sized triangles, squares, and other geometric shapes. Press the tape on by sliding your finger over it. Washi tape is made from paper and sometimes needs a little help adhering correctly. Cut the ends of the tape in neat straight lines for a professional finish.

Washi tape ideas: step two

(Image credit: James Gardiner/CICO Books)

Continue to press the tape on by sliding your finger over it. 

(Image credit: James Gardiner/CICO Books)

Step three: repeat for the other sections

Simply repeat the process on the remaining drawers, using different coloured tapes to complete your design.

(Image credit: James Gardiner/CICO Books)

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