21 eco-friendly gifts to give this Dad this Father's Day

The best eco-friendly gifts to surprise Dad with this June 19. We've got ideas for Dads who love to garden and cook, plus suggestions for tech-loving Dads

Eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day - slippers, turntable, sodastream and apple watch strap
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If you are searching for an eco-friendly gift idea for Dad this Father's Day, then we're here to help. Whether he's a tech-loving Dad or his ideal Saturday would be spent in his backyard, perhaps he loves cooking? Either way, we've got 21 top suggestions for sustainable gifts just below. 

If you're wondering what exactly makes an eco-friendly gift, then rest assured everything on our list is either: recyclable, plastic-free, carbon-neutral, biodegradable, or a reusable alternative. Or it's a mix of all of these factors. All of these gifts will be sure to last Dad for years of use, otherwise, they can be composed in a way that won't harm the environment as selected picks are biodegradable, and others recyclable.

Get in now, ahead of everyone else, to ensure Dad receives a gift to remember this Father's Day. For those who don't know yet: Father's Day is on the 19th of June this year. Not long to go...

If you are searching for more ways to be sustainable at home, you can make a start by browsing the best eco-friendly cleaning products.

21 eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day 2022

Eco-friendly gifts for a Dad who loves to be comfortable

Eco-friendly gifts for a Dad who loves tech

Eco-friendly gifts for a Dad who loves to garden

Eco-friendly gifts for a Dad who loves to travel

Eco-fridendly gifts for Dad's kitchen

Where to shop for eco-friendly gifts?

Here are just a few of our favorite places to shop online for eco-friendly gifts. We've included all of these retailers in our guide above but you can click through to shop more of what they each have to offer.

Now for the eco-friendly wrapping...

There's no point in investing in an eco-friendly gift for someone if you're just going to wrap it in plastic. So, with this in mind, you'll want to buy some eco-friendly wrapping utensils, too.

First of all, you can shop a huge range of eco-friendly wrapping paper at Amazon (opens in new tab). Otherwise, kraft paper is a sustainable option that's recyclable and makes for pretty present wrapping. You can also buy some recyclable tape from Amazon (opens in new tab), to avoid ones with plastic inside them

If you'd rather not wrap your presents in single-use paper and tape, then why not head to your local thrift store and pick up a secondhand scarf? Pop your gift inside the scarf, tie it up as you please and you've got yourself a reusable wrap!

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