Bedrooms – choose the colour scheme

The shade your choose for your bedroom determine its mood and light levels.

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You can introduce bold colours into your bedroom with accent shades in bedlinen, window treatments and flooring. If you add a primary colour, such as yellow, tone it down with a cooler, calmer shade, such as blue, to keep the room feeling more relaxed then hectic. This bay window (above) features Classic poplar wood shutters in yellow from The California Shutter & Blind Company.

The shade your choose for your bedroom will not only affect the proportions of the room visually, but also its mood and light levels. Consider the colour scheme by lamplight as well as daylight, since at least half of the time you’ll spend in the bedroom will be at night. You’ll also need to bear in mind its orientation – do you get sunlight, at what time of the day, and how does it affect your bedroom’s light levels?

Above – natural schemes and soft pastel shades are restful and pretty – but needn’t be overly feminine if you swap florals for foliage-inspired decor. Team with wooden flooring or deep-pile carpets for a modern rustic feel. Raphael wallpaper in 444-38 from the Raphael II collection; Ellen Linen fabric (stool), Patrick Linen fabric (bed), from Hans Linen fabric (curtains) all Sandberg.

Soothing tones, such as soft blue and green, are calming and ideal for sunny rooms. Bear in mind that the more pastel these colours are, the colder they will look in a north- or east-facing room, so go for shades with a hint of warmth in them. Dramatic colours, such as deep blue or aubergine, near-black or chocolate brown, will make a large, bright bedroom feel more intimate. Create a contemporary finish with crisp, plain bedlinen or a country-style look with florals. If you choose a cool shade, add warmth with contrasting bold colours.

Natural colours are ideal for small, light-starved spaces, with cream being more welcoming than all-white, and refl ective wallpapers playing an important role. Change the mood of the scheme every wash day by adding accent colours and texture with bedlinen, throws and cushion covers.

Dramatic colour scheme for the bedroom

If you want to experiment with a dramatic colour scheme, the bedroom is the place to do it. Back is smart and contemporary, but if your room gets little natural daylight, go for a warmer deep brown or aubergine. Above – walls painted in Mid Bronze Green absolute matt emulsion; woodwork in China Clay intelligent eggshell both Little Greene.

Brights, such as yellow or zesty turquoise, are perfect for bedrooms that get little natural light. If you choose these colours, bear in mind that low-level lighting is a must as it will make the room restful at night; or, you could limit these bright shades to just one wall, to bedlinen or to an accent colour.