Soak & Sleep Supremely Soft As Down pillow review

Enjoy a super soft, squishy pillow? Soak & Sleep's best selling pillow is the one for you...

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Real Homes Verdict

This is a wonderfully soft pillow that's perfect for front sleepers. It feels as soft as a luxury down pillow but its actually filled with microfibre, so perfect if you love that lofty feel but would prefer a manmade alternative to down.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Incredibly soft and squishy

  • +

    Microfibres mimic the feeling of down

  • +

    Ideal for allergy suffers

  • +

    Easy to machine wash

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    If you like a supportive pillow this won't be for you

  • -

    You may find it needs regular plumping so as not to mould to your head

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Soft pillows often get a bad rep as being unsupportive – I was of this opinion until I tested out the Soak & Sleep Supremely Soft As Down Pillow. Turns out you don't need to sleep on an insanely firm pillow to avoid getting neck ache, soft pillows can be just as comfy, especially if you sleep on your front and therefore don't actually need a whole load of neck support. 

I also found this pillow to be ideal for my sensitive skin, which can sometimes have a reaction to down fillings. You still get that super soft, lofty feeling of a down pillow, but this Soak & Sleep pillow is actually filled with manmade fibres, a very fine denier polyester, that still feel as soft as luxury down. 

So in case you can't already tell, we would really rate this pillow, but read on for more details and for even more pillow picking advice. Check out our best pillows buying guide too for more options. 

What was the Supremely Soft As Down pillow like to sleep on?

For me, it was an absolute dream. I sleep on my front, occasionally moving onto my side. I have always had a medium/firm pillow, worried that anything too flat or soft won't provide enough support, but honestly, I will be going for soft pillows from now on, front sleepers you should definitely join me!

The Supremely Soft As Down Pillow (opens in new tab) is just that, plus it's really light too, perfect for a summer pillow, I never once got too hot as I sometimes find with down filling. I also found it was very easy to reshape, again not always something I can do with my down pillows – I find these can get very flat over time and tricky to get the original shape back into. The Soak and Sleep pillow just needed a good plump every morning and bounced right back to its original shape. I have even washed it and its shape remained exactly the same.

What kind of sleeper will the Soak & Sleep Supremely Soft As Down pillow suit?

Soak & Sleep say this pillow is suitable for all kinds of sleepers – but I do think it would suit front sleepers best. The version I tested out is advertised as a soft/medium pillow but we would say it's definitely on the softer side but because it is so gloriously squishy it doesn't offer tons of support, your head definitely sinks deeply into the pillow, so maybe not the best option for those who sleep on their backs. 

Side sleepers would get on fine with this pillow, but there is a medium/firm option. It still has all those lovely soft fibres inside but there's an added supportive central chamber of 3D Hollowfibre would be better suited if you need a bit more support. 

If you are finding it really hard to get comfy even once you have the right pillow, check the rest of your bedding. You might need to invest in the best mattress too, and find something better suited to your sleep position. 

Is it machine washable?

As I have mentioned I have washed the pillow in the time I have been testing it – you can just stick it in the washing machine at 40 degrees. You can then tumble dry it, but I left it in a sunny spot all day and it was totally dry by the evening.

Things to note 

The Soak & Sleep Supremely Soft As Down pillow is available in two different firmnesses, soft/medium and medium/firm. You can choose between five sizes too – Junior (40cm x 60cm), Standard (50cm x 75cm), Superking (50cm x 90cm), Square (65cm x 65cm), Euro Small (50cm x 60cm). 

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