The latex Purple Harmony Pillow has officially converted me from feather pillows

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For side sleepers and combination sleepers, this latex pillow is a complete game-changer. The latex core doesn’t shift and is very cooling, making it perfect for those who run hot in the night. It does take some getting used to, but after just a week of testing I relaxed into the texture, and woke up feeling refreshed.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Keeps its shape

  • +

    No-pressure support

  • +

    Options for all sleepers

  • +

    100-night trial

  • +

    1-year warranty

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Spot-clean only

  • -

    Pricey (but worth it)

  • -

    Not suitable for those with latex allergies

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Purple Harmony Pillow: Quick Menu

Confession time: When buying pillows, I haven’t been the kindest to myself. Instead of thinking about what’s going to support me and my tossing and turning best, I usually just go for something feathery and fluffy. These don’t tend to be great for my neck, so I used to wake up with so many aches. That’s all changed now I’ve been using the Purple Harmony Pillow.

I’ve never thought to go for a latex pillow, but I was willing to give it a go. Now, I don’t know if I can look back. I’m awful for tossing and turning when I’m trying to sleep, and I used to spend so much time re-plumping my pillow. The beauty of this latex pillow is that it just stays in shape, so I can move around as much as I like, with no issues.

It comes in two sizes — standard and king. I tried out the king, as I like a longer pillow to sleep on. As well as this, it comes in different heights. I sleep on my side and my back so I chose a medium height one. Purple also offers a low and a tall, which cover stomach sleepers and combination sleepers. So, no matter how you sleep, there’s an option for everyone.

I didn’t think I’d love this cooling pillow as much as I do, but spoiler alert: I’ve never slept better. I’m still using it even beyond reviewing it, and can’t imagine nights without it.

What I thought of the Purple Harmony Pillow

I’ll be totally real — this pillow does take some getting used to. After years of sleeping on feather pillows, the squishy latex felt very unfamiliar. Along with the unusual honeycomb texture, I was in a whole new world. But after just a week or so of testing, I fully relaxed into it.

The medium-sized pillow works really well for me and my broad shoulders. With feather pillows, I've generally found that I sink into them and that they don't offer much support. Instead, with this Purple pillow, it gently cradles my neck and head. This means that I don't wake up with aches or pains, and instead feel like my muscles are fully rested.

I have also found that ventilated latex material helps me stay cool all night. Have you seen that Family Guy meme where it says “Welcome to the cool side of the pillow?” I don't need to flip the Purple Harmony over, as even on the hottest nights it stays at the perfect temperature. The cover is also moisture-wicking, which is amazing for me as a sweaty sleeper (sorry, TMI). I haven't woken up once in a hot mess, which is totally game-changing.

For me, the main negative is that you can only spot-clean the core. AKA, in order to get rid of marks on the pillow itself, you can’t put it in the washing machine. That being said, this isn’t a huge issue for me, as the cover is machine-washable, and I’m always ready to use my Tide pen.

Testing the Purple Harmony Pillow

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Reviewed by
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Reviewed by
Eve Smallman

Hi! I’m Eve, and I’ve been testing products for Real Homes since I joined the team in 2023. During this time I’ve tested numerous sleep products, from white noise machines right up to duvet inserts. This is my first pillow review, and I’ve been sleeping on this Purple pillow for two months at time of review. 

Purple Harmony Pillow important info

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  • Filling: Latex
  • Firmness: Low, medium, tall
  • Cover: Nylon, spandex
  • Care: Machine wash cover, spot clean core
  • Price: $159 standard, $191 king

What I loved about the Purple Harmony Pillow

A Purple Harmony pillow on a bed

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It’s a dream to sink into
When you hop into bed at the end of the day, you want to have a pillow that feels amazing to lie back on. This pillow does that brilliantly, and the feeling never gets old either.

It keeps its shape
Because of the core being made from latex, the filling doesn’t move around. For me as a side and combination sleeper who switches positions loads, this is incredible, as I don’t have to keep re-adjusting it in the night like I used to do with feather ones. It also makes making the bed in the morning very easy.

It’s cooling
As someone who normally sweats majorly in their sleep (gross but true), I’ve found sleeping on this has completely solved that issue. The ventilated latex and moisture-wicking cover keeps me cool and dry throughout the night, even on the hottest days.

It provides no-pressure support
The honeycombed texture and latex core work together really well, providing a gentle but firm support. This means that I now wake up in the morning with my muscles feeling properly relaxed.

All sleepers have buying options
Whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper, there’s a height option for you. Stomach and back sleepers can go for low, side or combination sleepers can go for medium or tall.

It comes with a warranty and trial
You get a 100-night trial with this pillow, to make sure that you’re happy with it. It is quite different to normal pillows, so this is very useful. It also has a 1-year warranty, in case you have any issues.

What I didn't love about the Purple Harmony Pillow

The texture of a Purple Harmony pillow

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It takes some getting used to
As someone who has only used traditional feather pillows in the past, I did find the latex material hard to adjust to at first. After a week or so, I got used to it and started to really enjoy the squishy but firm material.

The pillow itself can only be spot-cleaned
If you’re like me and are used to being able to machine-wash your pillows, this could be a negative. However, being able to wash the cover has stopped this being a problem for me.

It is an investment
At $159 for the standard pillow and $191 for the king, it isn’t the most budget-friendly choice. That being said, I think it’s very much worth the price tag. I’m now a firm believer in investing that bit extra in my bedding.

The latex core makes it unusable for some people
If you’re allergic to latex, this definitely wouldn’t be a good choice for you.

Good to know

The Purple Harmony Pillow arrived in a plain cardboard box, and had plastic packaging around it. Once it’s out of that, it’s completely ready to go. 

Where to buy the Purple Harmony Pillow

You can buy this pillow direct from Purple, at $159 for a standard pillow and $191 for a king. Otherwise, it’s also available at Amazon and Walmart.

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How we reviewed the Purple Harmony Pillow

A Purple Harmony pillow with a pillowcase on on a bed

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Like everything we review at Real Homes, we paired the reviewer and the product together for a reason. I’m a side and back sleeper who runs hot in the night, so this latex pillow was a great choice for me. I haven’t needed to spot-clean the pillow itself yet, but I will be sure to update this review with information on doing so once I have done.

I also tested this alongside the Purple TempBalance Duvet and the Purple SoftStretch Sheets, and found they work together well as a complete, cooling bedding set. 

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