How to give your bedroom a refresh for free

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Look, I get it. Between all the super cute #HomeTok videos and pretty Insta home pics, it’s oh-so-easy to get bored of your space. Even if you spent hours initially perfecting the layout, things can start to feel blah hella quick. I really feel ya.

When you’re falling in love with new trend after new trend, you can’t just refresh your space every time you fancy it. Otherwise, you’d probably be bankrupt (at least, with the amount of trends I love, I certainly would). So, what’s a gal who’s bored with her bedroom to do? 

The issue: The layout feels drab and the setup is just plain blah, but you don’t have the budget to upgrade or overhaul your small bedroom RN. But the idea of being stuck in a drab space feels far too depressing. 

Good news, even without any funds to play with, it is possible to breathe new life into your space. Intrigued? Check out these li’l hacks for how you can give your bedroom a refresh for free. 

Easy ways to freshen up your room

Move your furniture around

One of the best ways to breathe new life into a stale-feeling space is to move the layout around a little. Change the position of your bed. Move your storage around. Swap your wall art from one wall to another. By moving the space around, you can help to freshen it up. Obvi, if you’re in a dorm, it might not be possible to move the big things around but you can still switch around some of those smaller items and make layout changs. You could even opt to loft your bed to change the feel of the space. 

Swap out your bedding

Been using your fave bedding on repeat? Well, now might be a good time for a li’l change. Instead of sticking with your go-to bedding set, pick out a different one to use for a while. Honestly, you’ll be amazed at how much difference some new bedding can make to the vibe of your space. 

Open the windows

Ok, so this might seem basic but it really does make a huge difference to how fresh your room feels. If the space is warm and overly stuffy it’s going to make you feel irritable and stressed, so it pays to open the windows and ensure that your room (whether it’s a bedroom in your apartment or a shared dorm) has plenty of natural airflow. 

Utilize scents

Feel like your room smells stale? An easy way to add a sense of freshness is to utilize a few of your favorite scents. My personal go-to for this is to switch on one (of my many) essential oil diffusers or to turn on my wax melter. But if these aren’t an option, you could always opt to spritz a li’l room spray around the space. 

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