6 memory foam pillows for comfier snoozing

The perfect bed partner

Tempur Cloud best memory foam pillow on bed with blue throw and plant
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Memory foam gets its name from being able to contour around and mold to the shape of you, accommodating entirely to your needs. Soft yet supportive, this squishy material kind of sounds like the perfect bed partner. Forget your boyfriend — a memory foam pillow is much more comfortable.

I might be biased since I'm single, but I personally love sleeping on memory foam. Truthfully, it's a pretty polarizing cushion type. Similarly to the great "socks on or off in bed" debate, you either love it or hate it. If you're already used to the sinkable plush top of a memory foam mattress, then a pillow in the same material is only going to make your sleep experience better, in my opinion.

I'd also point front sleepers in the direction of other best-rated pillows instead, as the thick foam is known for being better for side and back sleepers. Otherwise, these are the six memory foam pillows for unforgettable sleep.

6 amazing memory-foam pillows 

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How we chose these memory foam pillows 

Just like we did when choosing a memory foam mattress, we researched, read reviews, and compared products that claimed to be ultra cozy. For those we have tested, we've made sure to balance comfort, sleep quality, and price, so you can find the best value pillow for your budget. We've called a few of these memory foam pillows in, for example, to get hands (or heads) on experience.

Is memory foam the best pillow?

If you've read our five-step guide to choosing the perfect pillow, you'll know there are a few things to look out for: material, sleep style, filling, size, and budget. Memory foam can be a love-it or hate-it material, so it's really down to personal preference. 

Memory foam can generally make a pillow hard and boxy, as opposed to a plush feather-filled option. Once resting your head, it sinks and molds around your neck for cushioning and support. It is known for being best for back sleepers since it cradles the head without your neck hitting the mattress. It's also okay for side sleepers as the thickness and height can work well to keep your spine aligned. Front sleepers, I'd stay away. 

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