OK: What is the standard pillow size?

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Have you ever tried to order a pillow online, then totally panicked at the number of options there are? Yep — it’s a total galaxy of pillow stars out there, which can make it tricky to work out what’s what.

But trust me, having a pillow that’s the right size for your bed will make everything so much easier. You don’t want a pillow that’s too small as you’ll end up rolling off it in the night. Equally, you don’t want one that’s too big as it will hang off the bed, which will move all the stuffing around and make everything super uncomfy. So, it’s gotta be just right.

Whether you’re buying your first "adult" pillow for your dorm or just can’t quite remember what pillow you might need, I’ve got you. I’ve run through what the standard pillow size is, as well as explained all the other key sizes too.

Sit back, relax, and scroll on down for everything you need to know about pillow sizing…

What is the standard pillow size?

The standard pillow size in the United States is typically 20” x 26”. This is the most common size for pillows used on twin and full-sized beds, which you’ll find in places such as dorm rooms. It is worth remembering that some manufacturers’ sizes may vary from this, so it’s worth checking before you check out.

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What are the common bed pillow sizes?

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  • Standard: 20” x 26”. This is the most widely used on smaller beds. 
  • Queen: 20” x 30”. This is slightly longer than the standard pillow.
  • King: 20” x 36”. This is longer than both a standard and queen pillow.

Other pillow sizes

  • Euro: 26” x 26”. This is a square pillow that’s used for decor on beds or couches. 
  • Body: 20” x 54”. This is a longer pillow that supports the entire body.

Now you know what all the pillow sizes are, you can go ahead and choose the perfect pillow for you and your bed. Happy shopping and happy sleeping!


What is the most common pillow size?

The standard pillow is the most common, and is typically 20” x 26”.

Are standard and queen pillows the same size?

No — standard pillows are 20” x 26”, while queen pillows are slightly longer at 20” x 30”.

What size pillow is best for sleeping?

This will depend on your bed size, so make sure to measure up your bed before purchasing a pillow. Anything that’s too small or too big may disrupt your sleep.

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