Silentnight Squishy pillow review

It's a veritable hug for your head... meet Silentnight's latest pillow release, meet Squishy

Silentnight's Squishy Pillow review
(Image credit: Silentnight)
Real Homes Verdict

This is a very snuggly pillow which will have most types of sleepers feeling incredibly cosy and rested.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Super soft, beyond belief

  • +


  • +

    Machine washable

  • +

    Can potentially suit all types of sleeper inc. in-between position sleepers

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    You might take two/+ nights to get used to the thickness

  • -

    You’ll need a little more elbow grease when changing your pillow covers (velvet touch casing)

Where you rest your head is mighty important and when you're (hopefully) getting 8 hours sleep in every night, you need to know and feel like both your head and neck are well supported during this time, as your body recovers and regenerates for the day ahead. What you need from your pillow is fairly dependent on your sleeping position, whether you're a side-sleeper, back sleeper or front sleeper, but ultimately it is down to personal preference. 

So when we heard about Silentnight's new release of the 'Squishy' pillow, we jumped at the chance to try it out. It was a dreamy experience and this medium yet super soft pillow is sure to suit different sleepers who need varying levels of support.  

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What was the Squishy Pillow like to sleep on?

Oh my, was this a luxury. A velvety cushioned cradle, for your very sleepy head, yes please. And not velvety like Christmas, velvety like luxury hotel stay meets Cloud 9 kind of velvety. It’s honestly really quite nice. 

So the velvet touch cover is one thing, but the filling – DuPont™ which is made from small fibre clusters – is next level soft and certainly squishy, working well as both a bedtime stress ball but also as gentle head and neck support. 

In all, it's a pretty hearty pillow, and despite the depth, the temperature stayed comfortable throughout the night. 

What kind of sleeper will the Squishy pillow suit?

The Squishy pillow will suit different types of sleeper. It's marked up with a medium firmness rating, and although it is a very soft pillow, I can agree with this. It's likely down to the DuPont™ filling that this can be considered medium in firmness by some (including me), but the lovely cushioned aspect of this product means that it could be classed as a soft pillow also.

Soft pillows are best for those who need little support or resistance when they sleep, so stomach and back sleepers will probably get on really well with Squishy. Side sleepers may need a firmer pillow that offers more support...but saying that, this pillow is deep enough to suit a side sleeper (which I am most of the time). So, like with all things sleep related, it’s completely subjective. 

Ease of care 

In all honestly, this pillow plumps itself and as it can be washed at 40° that’s bound to make life easier. 


The Squishy pillow is available as a single pillow or as a pair and comes with a two-year manufacturer's guarantee.

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