Zooey Deschanel styled her bedroom to airy, boho perfection — here's how to ace the look, according to designers

Let the way Zooey Deschanel style-swapped her colorful aesthetic for neutral vibes be the perfect inspo to shake up your bedroom

A neutral marble background with a plant and ivory throw next to a shot of Zooey Deschanel in a silver feather-like dress
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Zooey Deschanel has styled her bedroom into a neutral, blissful sleep retreat, in surprising contrast to her typical colorful, kaleidoscope style. But change is good and  Zooey nails the zen look perfectly. 

In a fun TikTok video, the actress showcased her lip-syncing skills, but it was the bedroom aesthetic in the background that stole the spotlight. From cozy knits to natural touches, our experts share exactly how to channel Zooey’s airy vibe.

If you've been searching for small bedroom ideas and love Zooey's neutral haven, our design tips and carefully selected shopping picks will help you recreate the look. 


Might come as a surprise to some that this is not actually me singing. Great song though @francesforever!

♬ space girl - Frances Forever

You’ll see from the video why we quickly fell in love with Zooey's boho bedroom. The best place to begin when duping this look is picking a suitable calming color for a small bedroom

"Colors inspired by nature such as light sages and light blues, evoke a sense of calm and tranquility," says  Benjamin Moore's color marketing and development manager, Hannah Yeo. "Lighter hues brighten up the space for a feeling of serenity and spaciousness."

To enjoy an airy, neutral bedroom aesthetic like Zooey, sample shades like Benjamin Moore's Ultra-White (CC-10) or Benjamin Moore's Snowfall White (OC-118)

When layering, mix up neutrals like Zooey did with her best bedding, carpet choices, and throws. Adding a variation of textures also ups the cozy factor and will make you feel inclined to cuddle up. Plus, we are never ones to deny ourselves some hygge

And, of course, no room is complete without your favorite indoor plants. Not only do they serve up some serious looks, but they purify the air, reduce stress, and boost our mood, so there are plenty of houseplant benefits and reasons to stick a bit of greenery in your room.

Above all, the way to achieve this airy, neutral look is to remain neat and clutter-free. That means finding the right small bedroom storage ideas and keeping it all organized.

Hannah Yeo
Hannah Yeo

Hannah Yeo is the color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore. Her area of expertise is in color, design, and concept development. 

What to shop

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