The Zara Home holiday collection is perfect for your Friendsmas gathering

The Zara Home holiday collection will turn your gathering into a chic and festive affair

Zara Home holiday collection table with red table cloth and decor
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Entertaining in the near future? The Zara Home holiday collection will score major brownie points with all of your guests for its sophistication (and Christmas charm, of course). 

Getting your house winterized and adding seasonal elements can certainly feel like a  challenge — after all, you're shopping and meal prepping to boot — but we're certain you'll look forward to finding a spot for these festive and elegant items. Some decor can seem over the top (ahem, dancing Santas) but Zara's pieces are anything but kitschy. 

If you're in search of apartment Christmas decor ideas and holiday hosting essentials consider the journey complete. 

A peek at the Zara Home holiday collection

From adorable dinner plates to retro-inspired Christmas tree ornaments, this line offers a little something for everyone, and it'll make your house feel extra cozy, too. Chances are your guests aren't going to want to leave after December 25, and with an aesthetic this cute, we can't blame them. 

(Psst: these hosting hacks for your cutest Christmas dinner yet will be a lifesaver before your guests arrive!) 

What we're shopping

We've honed in on a few things for our wish list, and we'll probably inspire you to add to your cart. 

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Zara Home Holiday Collection

So, what's included in the line? A little bit of everything, actually. 


How do you prepare to host a Christmas party?

Start by making room so all of your guests can visit comfortably. Choose the decor you're interested in displaying, and pay attention to the little accents: appetizer plates, glasses, napkins, etc. that add to the overall aesthetic. 

Lighting is super important, too: try not to overwhelm visitors with harsh lighting and add a sweet element through a string of Christmas fairy lights or a decorative piece. 

Make sure anything hazardous is out of reach from children and/or pets and keep a fun playlist on repeat throughout the evening (but not too loud). 

What do you bring to a Christmas day host?

Venturing to a loved one's for December 25? There are plenty of Christmas hosting gifts that will go over well, be it a bottle of wine, a festive-scented candle, appetizers and/or desserts, or perhaps something the guests can enjoy the day of the holiday, like a game. 

Above all, a successful Christmas party is about how people feel when they're visiting, not how things look. Make sure to engage with your guests and don't spend too much time prepping in the kitchen.

Trying to get a head start on the holidays? We can't blame you. There are plenty of Christmas decoration deals to shop before Black Friday even begins — and long after it's passed, too.

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