Window boxes: how to plant window boxes and where to buy them online

No garden? No problem. Window boxes are here to fulfill your green-fingered needs while we're all stuck indoors

Window boxes: how to plant window boxes and where to buy them online
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Want to learn how to plant window boxes? And where to buy the best window boxes from online? We get you. We too have been getting jealous of everyone on your social media who is taking to their gardens and getting all wholesome and earthy digging veg patches and creating raised beds. We want in! But if you have zero garden or just looking for more gardening projects, window boxes are a great solution.

Below you will find our top picks of the best window boxes you can order online right now, plus some tips on how to plant them up and what are the best plants to choose. 

Vence Window Box | Was £35 now £28
This gorgeous window box is in the Garden Trading sale! If you are after a nice traditional window box at a good price this is perfect. It's 60cm across and 20cm deep so ideal if your window ledges are narrow. It's made from zinc plated steel so is hardy and waterproof. View Deal

Leon metal window box planter | Was £20 now £16
Who knew Habitat would be the place to go for the best window boxes? Of course they are the most stylish window boxes around and would be perfect if you want a contemporary look. The orange and green colour combo is totally dreamy and would look gorgeous with some sunny yellow plants in there. View Deal

Pot window basket |From £27.99
This is such a lovely take on a window box and ideal if you want a more rustic look. You can order just the wire basket and pop your own pots in there to stick on your window ledge or you can order the pots too. This would be a perfect little herb garden or a home for some bright geraniums. View Deal

Plant trough | £34.99
Simple and sturdy, this trough would look gorgeous just filled with some lavender to bring a bit of a Provence vibe to your window ledge. It has pre-drilled drainage holes in too so no need to worry about adding any gravel to the bottom.View Deal

Golden larch window box | £49.99
This is a bit of a different window box to our other picks. This is ideal if you have a balcony or a looking for a wall mounted planter. This will either sit over the top of railings or you can drill it into a wall. Just bear in mind you will have to buy a liner for this window box to protect the wood. View Deal

Tips on how to plant a window box 

How to choose the best window box
Obviously this will mostly come down to taste, but there are some practical things to consider. Most importantly size. Measure your window sill before you order your window boxes to check they will fit both length ways and the depth too. There are a couple of different types of window boxes too – ones that just sit on your window sill, ones that you can wall mount or ones that sit over a railing. 

What soil do you need for a window box?
Treat a window box the same as a pot when it comes to choosing soil. You will need potting compost mix, or any other good quality compost. Ideally, your window boxes should have drainage holes in them, but if they don't you can either drill them in if they are plastic or metal or just add a layer of gravel at the bottom of your box and then fill it up with your chosen soil. 

What plants can you plant in a window box?
Pick smaller plants and flowers that won't spread too far or grow too high. Lobellias, petunias, fuchsias, daisies, pansies, lavender and pelargoniums all make for a lovely colourful window display, but you can also plant herbs and even fruit. For more advice on what to plant you can head over to our beginner's guide to window boxes

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