Cute Walmart Thanksgiving decor picks to give your home all the cozy vibes

From floral finds to puffy pillows, Walmart Thanksgiving decor is bringing its A game this year

walmart thanksgiving decor including fall florals on a mantle and multicolored pumpkins on a dining room table on an orange glittery background
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Unfortunately, fall is winding down, and the Walmart Thanksgiving decor collection is one of your last chances to embrace the season accordingly. You wouldn't want to bid adieu to the best time of the year without a proper send-off, right?

We've seemingly fast-forwarded directly to Christmas, and we're already replacing all things pumpkin with peppermint. Since Thanksgiving could use a little time in the limelight, we suggest reveling in orange plaid and moody florals one last time while feasting and counting your blessings with those you love.

Since we know you're en route to Walmart for dinner prep anyway, might as well multitask and find lovable Thanksgiving table decor buys and Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas while you're there. With cute options ready to be scooped up, it just makes sense. 

Walmart Thanksgiving decor: what to know

Whether you're taking on the challenge of cooking for your family and stocking up on Thanksgiving hosting essentials, or if you're visiting loved ones and searching for a gift, Walmart will be glad to assist. It's up to you to take a peek.

What we're shopping

Styling tips

During this autumnal celebration, interior designers have suggested using rustic decor like dried florals, neutral-toned tableware, and gold accents to bring your home to life and give that Turkey Day energy. Designer Jess Onorato previously suggested to Real Homes to start by figuring out what shades and hues work where. Then it's about adding in different textures and unique details.  

"Consider adding a wooden dough bowl filled with pomegranates, apples, pumpkins, or gourds to enhance your kitchen," she previously told us.

Jess Onorato
Jess Onorato

Jess Onorato is a seasoned designer with over 15 years of experience in home staging, interior design, and sourcing home products with profound histories and unique characteristics. Over the last three years to date, Jess has worked at Central California furniture and design store Habitat Home & Garden where she is currently the Director of Product and design. She operates on the belief that a well-designed space has the power to enhance lives, evoke emotions, and inspire creativity. 

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Curious about what's available at Walmart? You'd be better off asking what isn't up for grabs. Here's what to shop ahead of November 23, 2023:


How should I decorate my house for Thanksgiving?

As interior designer Jess Onorato suggests, start by picking out a color palette. Do you want to go for the typical orange and gold, or would you prefer to switch things up with earthy tones like sage and maroon? Once you have colors in mind, think about what you need to make the look come to life. Make sure to mix textures — like a deep wood bowl with potpourri — but don't overwhelm the space; only add what you feel is necessary. You can never go wrong with flowers (dried, faux, real) that represent the best of the season, whether it's a vase at the dining room table, a garland across the mantle, or a seasonal wreath at the door — or all three!

What color is best for Thanksgiving?

Though we're used to red, orange, and gold variations, now designers, like Jess Onorato, are suggesting opting for earthy tones and neutrals, including maroon, sage, ivory, and even gold for an elegant accent.

Making the rounds? Stop by to peruse the Target Thanksgiving decor, which will also be a crowd-pleaser with your guests this season.

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