All of the Target Thanksgiving decor picks we're thankful for this year

Don't sleep on Target Thanksgiving decor — we promise there's still time to prep for Christmas

target thanksgiving decor including a woven pumpkin, candles, and a pumpkin picture on a mantle and an exposed brick wall in the back
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Once Halloween passes, we dive head first into Christmas, but this year's Target Thanksgiving decor will ensure that the celebration gets some well-deserved time in the spotlight. With such charming selections, you won't be able to resist making the most of the event. 

While the holiday could be one of the more stressful ones of the year — there's a ton of prep work, after all — the retailer's line of kitchen gadgets and festive accents begs us to hold off on our Christmas planning just a bit longer. (We promise, it's still coming.) 

While you pick out a generous-sized bird for the feast and get your Thanksgiving table decor buys in order, see what Target has up its sleeve. We have a feeling you'll be pleased with the findings. (And let's be honest, when do ever walk out of Target with just the necessities?) Dining tables everywhere are about to put in some serious work. 

Target Thanksgiving decor: what to know

Whether you're in search of Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas or looking for your living room to get an autumn touch, there's something waiting to be placed in your basket. (Aside the stuffing and gravy that you originally came in for.) 

Designer Jess Onorato previously suggested to Real Homes that holiday hosts begin their Thanksgiving decorating by settling on a color palette: "Introduce rich colors such as golden ochre, deep crimsons, soft orange, sage green, and even luxe jewel tones," she said. From there it's about bringing in some florals to top things off and placing all dinnerware on an elegant table runner.

Jess Onorato
Jess Onorato

Jess Onorato is a seasoned designer with over 15 years of experience in home staging, interior design, and sourcing home products with profound histories and unique characteristics. Over the last three years to date, Jess has worked at Central California furniture and design store Habitat Home & Garden where she is currently the Director of Product and design. She operates on the belief that a well-designed space has the power to enhance lives, evoke emotions, and inspire creativity. 

What we're shopping

Target Thanksgiving Buys

What's Target serving this year? Shoppers can break down their holiday needs by category. Do keep in mind, the retailer is going all out with celebratory decor, but it will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.


What decorations do you put up for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is typically an autumnal decor mix where you see a combination of oranges, reds, and golds, though designer Jess Onorato previously suggested to Real Homes that you can get a little more playful with the color palette to include golden ochre, deep crimsons, soft orange, sage green, and even luxe jewel tones. 

Thanksgiving marks a great time to get one last use out of your pumpkin decor — Target's woven pumpkin will be great on the table — and incorporate flowers into your tablescape. Gold accents have become a fun way to modernize the overall autumnal aesthetic as well (as evidenced with the platter above). 

How to design a table for Thanksgiving: what should hosts do?

Select a style and color scheme that you want to go for this Thanksgiving and go from there — find plates to match the theme and choose textiles with colorful patterns to accent the look. Small wooden bowls of decorative accents (think pinecones) can help things come together, as well as florals or a garland. If you want to go for a table runner, make sure it doesn't overpower the other elements of the table.

Going the traditional route and opting for a Thanksgiving cornucopia? Our edit will help you figure out how to style the classic holiday staple.

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