Victoria Monét's bathroom is a neutral lover's dream — how to recreate the look

Get inspired by Victoria Monét's bathroom

Storage jars, mirror, and potted fern on left side, Victoria Monét on right side
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Look no further than Victoria Monét's bathroom for timeless design inspiration. Complete with neutral cabinets, fresh greenery, and luxury materials — it makes a chic statement. 

The On My Mama singer and Grammy Award winner recently posted an adorable video getting her daughter ready for the awards ceremony in her stunning bathroom. 

As design experts, we couldn't help but notice all the contemporary features and knew we had to replicate the look. You can implement this style, no matter the size of your set-up with the right small bathroom ideas.

Victoria Monét's bathroom

In a recent TikTok, Victoria Monét filmed the inside of her bathroom while doing her daughter's hair. The light and airy bathroom is the perfect place to get ready for just about any event.

The elegant features add to the luxe bathroom look, making for an effortless design statement.


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How to get the look

The first thing you'll need to do to recreate this minimalist small bathroom is to paint the cabinets an earthy, neutral beige color. Pick a shade with a warm tone — you'll want to look for one that makes an impact but isn't too dark. This Beige 02 color from Lick should do the trick.

Next, you'll need to make sure you incorporate a large bathroom mirror. Not only does Victoria have a large mirror over the vanity, but she also has an additional framed mirror on the wall. This will reflect the light and make your space look a lot bigger. Plus, a large mirror makes a bathroom look much more luxurious and expensive.

We love the way Victoria has added a large fern to the center of the bathroom vanity — the greenery really pops against the neutral tones. You can either use artificial or real indoor plants depending on how much maintenance you can spare.

Then to top off the look, add some chic bathroom accessories to the countertops. Victoria uses neutral, ceramic storage jars on her countertop, like these Hearth & Hand storage jars from Target.

Shop the look

There are a few simple additions that will make your bathroom feel like a spa, much like Victoria's. See which items to grab to recreate her look.

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One of the best ways to achieve an elegant bathroom is to make sure it isn't cramped with excess stuff. Make sure to regularly declutter your bathroom to maintain a minimalist style.

Other celebs have followed suit, like we saw with Kendall Jenner's bathroom. Find whatever style works for you an invest in high-quality materials and timeless silhouettes. 

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