The secret to a good night's sleep: pillows created by science

Scientific research underpins the design of Sealy's new ActivSleep pillows, helping to deliver healthy living through healthy rest

sealy activsleep pillow
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Leading brand, Sealy, has launched two new pillows as part of their ActivSleep range, both of which use scientific research and state-of-the-art Sealy technology to help deliver healthy living through healthy rest.

What does this mean? Well, at the heart of their designs is a high quality filling, encased with a unique ventilated memory foam shell that's said to deliver unrivalled head and neck support.

Speaking about the importance of this support, Marc Sanders of the British Chiropractic Association says, 'I often see patients who find that the way they are sleeping is contributing to their back or neck pain, and often it’s their pillows which are to blame. For example, if your neck is bent excessively sideways or backwards during sleep, in an ‘end of range’ position, it is believed this is one of the many factors that can increase biomechanical stresses on our neck leading to stiffness and pain upon waking. So it’s really important that you find the right pillow for you.'

Providing advice on getting good neck support at night, Marc also comments, 'ideally when sleeping, your neck should be in a neutral but most importantly a comfortable position in-line with the rest of your spine when you lay your head on to your pillow. So if you like to sleep with two pillows, it’s best to check the thickness as you may need to adjust the amount you use. This will be different for everyone, so be sure to try out different pillow positions, noticing if your neck is bent unnaturally.' 

Designed to tackle this problem, the ActivSleep pillows can help provide a more restful, supportive night sleep in the following ways:

Geltex Pillow

  • A revitalising core offers support, comfort and a cool temperature throughout the night;
  • Breathable memory foam provides more support as well as breathability for a truly restorative sleep;
  • Unique DuPont synthetic fibres replicate natural materials, but with the durability and cost effectiveness of synthetic fibres.

Reflex Pillow

  • Cluster fibres encased with a ventilated memory foam shell, responding to the contours of the head and neck;
  • A bouncy, yet supportive temperature-maintaining pillow;
  • Unique DuPont synthetic fibres replicate natural materials, but with the durability and cost effectiveness of synthetic fibres.

Neil Robinson, a representative from Sealy comments, 'We are an increasingly active society and part of an active life is recovering with a healthy night’s sleep. This range complements the successful Activsleep range of mattresses Sealy launched earlier this year.'

With impressive credentials, Sealy's ActivSleep has been tested and recommended by a number of health and wellness experts including Phil Learney, AJ Odudu and James Crossley.

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