The pillow that's also a throw – and a product that empowers women

There's more to this soft furnishing than meets the eye – it also acts as a blanket and helps to empower women

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When is a cushion not a cushion? When it is secretly also a blanket.

The Secret Pillow is a versatile little piece of soft furnishing that unfolds itself into a lovely throw anytime you want to cosy up beneath it, or want to add a colourful cover to your sofa.

It is made by women in India, who are being empowered through the production of clever foldable clothing and homeware that has more than one use.

Secret pillow that turns into a throw helps to empower women in India

(Image: © secret projects)

The Secret Pillow is the flagship product of the initiative, which was launched by British entrepreneur Fritha Vincent. It started two years ago with the Secret Sari Dress, a pocket-sized piece of sari fabric that can be used to create wrap around outfits.

The cushion collection has a style to suit any scheme, from Scandi to tropical to coastal. They cost from £40.

The money the women earn through the making and selling of Secret Pillows enables them to pay for their children's education, for food, medicine and other essentials.

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