The best pillow for neck pain has been revealed, and it's from Amazon...

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Sick of suffering from neck ache? We've discovered the best pillow for neck pain to ease your worries (and your neck) and to finally ban sleepless nights in 2020. Sound good? We thought so.

Those who suffer from neck pain will understand just how important your pillow is when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. And to cut through the noise, we’ve tried and tested a range of the best pillows around, to help pinpoint the soundest choice out there for neck pain sufferers. 

From memory foam to duck feather and down, and eco-friendly versions too, we’ve tried them all – it’s literally been a joy – and the results are in.

Simply sleeping on the wrong pillow for your sleeping position could be the reason behind any neck pain in the morning, and it’s recommended that side sleepers need a plump, firm pillow, whereas back and stomach sleepers need a soft, thin pillow. 

The best pillow for neck pain is the one and only Mediflow Waterbase Fibrefill pillow. It’s doctor recommended and has been clinically proven to reduce neck pain following an independent study at Johns Hopkins University. Impressive to say the least, and best of all, it's adjustable in height, which means that it is completely customisable to you. So no matter which way you sleep, this pillow will have you feeling well snoozed and free of neck pain in no time. Check out the full review below.

Best pillow for neck pain sufferers: Mediflow Waterbase Fibrefill pillow

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Mediflow Waterbase Fibrefill pillow

A unique doctor-recommended pillow for reducing neck pain and improving snooze

Best for: all sleeping positions
Filling: Water and polyester fibre
Firmness: Variable
Cover: 100% hypoallergenic cotton & removable **Adjustable?** Yes
Size: 28 x 20 x 4.5"
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable firmness +Clinically proven to reduce neck pain+Ideal for all sleeping positions+Superior material
Reasons to avoid
-May take a short while to get used to if you're new to water-based sleeping items-Sweaty sleepers may find it too warm

Those of us old enough to remember the reign of the waterbed may be a little dubious about a water-filled pillow, but bear with us. This unique Mediflow Waterbase Fibrefill pillow is complete with water base technology, a thermal insulating layer and hypoallergenic polyester fibres, and it’s ranked best out of all the pillows for reducing neck pain and quality of rest. 

Why do we love it?
The biggest winner for us is how it can be customised to suit your needs. Simply adjust the firmness using the water level to meet your preference, whether that's soft, medium, firm or something in between. 

The pillow is made with a 100% hypoallergenic cotton shell that encases a sealed and insulated water pouch – to keep the pillow at body temperature – with a comfortable Dacron Hollofil fibre layer on top. Note that if you're a sweaty sleeper or get very hot at night, this might be problematic.

How does it feel to sleep on?

It will feel heavier than pillows with other fillings, even memory foam, but this doesn't affect its neck-pain relieving properties and there's a 30 day money-back guarantee if you can't get on with it.

To get the most out of this pillow, you need to ensure that the water levels are right for your firmness preference, and that you get all the air out of the pillow cavity before replacing the cap. This will stop any 'sloshing' sounds as you turn. 

Will it suit your sleep position? 
Whether you're a side, back or stomach sleeper – or a fidget who switches positions regularly – the water within the pillow moves with your head, meaning that you won't have to adjust or fluff the pillow while you doze off.