The 9 best Ikea bedroom furniture hacks to quickly transform your space

Bedroom in need of a quick and easy update? We've got you covered with these Ikea bedroom furniture hacks

Ikea bedroom lighting
(Image credit: Ikea)

Ah, we love a good (and easy) Ikea hack here at Real Homes! And recently we have been seeing loads of Ikea bedroom furniture hacks on Instagram – okay hear us out, we know the #ikeahacks page on the 'gram can be a tad overwhelming, filled with insanely beautiful, but insanely time-consuming projects that most of us can't fathom having the time or patience to do. 

So for all you time-poor people who want easy hacks that aren't going to take the best part of a lifetime, we've rounded up some fab ideas to quickly and easily transform your Ikea bedroom furniture...

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1. DIY a bedside table with a stool and a placemat 

Told you we were keeping these hacks easy! What you can see here, is a gorgeous, boho-style bedside table, that is actually made from a basic stool and a £4 placemat! Just use a glue gun to secure the mat in place and let it dry for a few hours and there you go, easy peasy. 

2. Create a soft, cosy space with a curtain 

This is a really easy way to create zones in your room and a way to soften up your space. Get yourself a soft fabric curtain (these are only £25 from Ikea) and an extendable curtain rod and pop your curtain up across the room, separating the bed space to create a cozy nook. Get some fairy lights up in there and plenty of cushions to complete the vibe. 

3. Make a headboard with wallpaper

If you want to add more pattern to your room, creating a headboard from wallpaper is a really easy tip, and since you will only need one roll, it's also really inexpensive (or you can go for that stand-out designer wallpaper you can only justify one roll of). We love how the Insta-famous Gjora bed frame looks when its headboard filled with funky wallpaper.

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4. Tile a bedside table 

Okay yes, this one might be slightly more time-consuming, but the result is so cool! Start with a  Lack table (they are just £7) and do a section at a time – the legs, top and sides, cover them in matt white mosaic tiles. Tiles of this style come in sheets with a mesh backer, so are far less fiddly to use than they look. You'll need to start by applying flexible adhesive to the section you are working on using a notched trowel, then push the mosaic sheets into the adhesive, mesh side down using a rubber grout float. Then give the adhesive time to set – check the recommended time on the instructions of the one you are using but should be left for around 24 hours. The take your grout (here a dark grout and adhesive has been used to contrast with the tiles) and apply it between the tiles, again working in sections and using a damp sponge to remove any access grout as you go. 

5. Turn your wardrobe into a massive notice board 

If you have an Ikea wardrobe that could do with a bit of an uplift, this Ikea bedroom furniture hack is pretty annnnd practical. Ikea sell cork doors to fit on their iconic Pax wardrobe system. Obviously this bedroom has gone for the minimalist look, but you could of course add more colour and texture with posters, photos, whatever nick nacks you can stick a push pin in. 

6. Add extra seating with a DIY chair

We love this idea! This is a really simple way to add a cosy reading nook/let's be honest a place to throw clothes, without taking up any extra room. This is just a wicker storage box squeezed between two Kullen drawers, covered in blankets and throws. 

7. Build a wardrobe into an alcove 

Having a bespoke, built in wardrobe added to your bedroom does save you so much space, but they can be expensive so why not DIY your own using Ikea storage accessories? Here the Algot storage system has been added to an alcove and then shutters have been added as doors, you could always make it even cheaper by getting a curtain to go in front of your new wardrobe set up. 

8. Or build a home office into a alcove 

Think you don't have room for even the smallest of home offices? Think again. This gem of a DIY project can help you create a home office pretty much out of nowhere. All you need is an alcove, some shelving, and the tiniest bit of DIY knowledge. Basically just get some Ikea shelf brackets and shelves and wall mount them at different heights to create storage and a handy desk. 

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9. Upcycle your Ikea bedroom furniture with paint 

Paint: the easiest way to upcycle any piece of furniture. Look out for pieces from the Tarva range or Rast range at Ikea as both have furniture made from untreated wood, which is perfect for painting on your own personal design. If you want any tips on how to paint furniture, check out our guide. 

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