Easy small office upgrades — 7 ways to zhuzh up your WFH space

We've asked the pros for their top easy small office upgrades

A light gray home office desk with books on top of it and a brass table lamp on top of it, a pink wall behind it with three brown pampas grass stems with a cat to the right on a woven stand
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You may want to bring easy small office upgrades into your space, if your WFH zone  leaves you feeling totally uninspired.

We've quizzed designers to find out what they do to zhuzh up this space without having to renovate the whole room. Eye-catching wallpaper and bright lighting are two tricks they keep up their sleeves.

For those searching for small home office ideas which are a breeze to bring in and will have plenty of impact, these are great go-tos.

Easy small office upgrades to try out in your home

Whether you're giving your small office a makeover on a budget or just want quick solutions, these easy small office upgrades are worth a whirl.

Our interiors pros have recommended products throughout, which we have curated great shopping picks for. 

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1. Declutter the space

A home office space with a light gray wood panelled wall with a framed pink wall art print, a white and brown wooden desk with plants and books on it, and a gray velvet chair with a furry white throw over it

(Image credit: Antipodream)

It can be easy to let papers, coffee cups and clutter accumulate on your desk when you’re working from home. Removing these will instantly transform this area.

“Once you’ve done this, you can add a set of clear acrylic organizers (we like these Vtopmart Drawer Organizers which are Amazon's Choice),” suggests Tommy Mello, design expert and founder of A1 Garage Door Service.

A picture of Tommy Mello, a man with short brown hair wearing a white shirt
Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello is a home improvement and DIY expert, and the founder of A1 Garage Door Service, a $100M+ home service business and home service industry leader. He is also the author of Home Service Millionaire and the Home Service Expert podcast. Tommy is brilliant at making the most of every room in the house.

He adds, “You can add these on your desk or use them to put everything in the drawer, so all the clutter from your table will just vanish.”

By opting for an acrylic material, you’ll be able to see what you have easily, so you won’t lose your favorite pen again.

2. Bring in mirrors

A white home office with a light wooden desk with a lamp, mirror and prints on it, a rattan chair in front of it, a circular mirror, white grid organizer and wooden pegs with a plant in a woven basket hung on the wall

(Image credit: Future)

One of the best ways to make a small office appear bigger is by bringing in mirrors, and they are easy to install, too.

“In small offices, I often use mirrors to reflect natural light, as this adds to the aesthetic and the feeling of space,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, which has twice been honored as finalists in the international SBID Awards and acknowledged in the NYCxDESIGN Awards. He has a decade of extensive and global residential and commercial interior design experience, with plenty of experience designing offices big and small.

Simply hang one on the wall opposite a window (this Mercury Row Snell Mirror from Wayfair is a glam choice) to create the illusion of spaciousness.

3. Opt for modern touches

A modern home office with light gray walls with two framed cream wall art prints, a tall silver lamp, a cream white unit with brown books, and a desk with a laptop and two chairs either side

(Image credit: Future)

Create a polished look by choosing modern small office ideas which are sleek and ultra-chic. 

“Opt for modern touches like geometric shapes or metallic elements to add sophistication,” says Ricky Allen, interior designer and director at Ever Wallpaper.

A picture of Ricky Allen in a suit
Ricky Allen

Ricky Allen is the interior designer and director of Ever Wallpaper, experts in high-quality wallpapers and murals, using non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly materials. He has over 10 years of experience designing and upgrading different rooms.

He explains, “These effortless updates not only make a striking impression on clients but also promote a more dynamic and innovative working environment.”

For example, this Tangkula Geometric Bookcase from Target has so much space for all your books and files.

4. Glow up with lighting

A light gray home office desk with books on top of it and a brass table lamp on top of it, a pink wall behind it with three brown pampas grass stems, and a gray armchair with a mustard yellow throw pillow in front

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Beautiful small office lighting ideas are easy small office upgrades, as they’ll zhuzh up both the aesthetic and the functionality.

Tommy explains, “If you work late at night, a desk lamp will stop you straining your eyes, and offset the computer screen’s light so it doesn't give off a harsh glare.”

Some desk lamps can also handily hold stationery, such as this AXX Small Desk Lamp from Amazon.

5. Add a vibrant feature

A home office desk overlooking a window, with colorful wall art on the lefthand and center walls, a dark brown wooden desk with a lamp, books, and storage boxes on it, with a rustic brown chair in front of it with green and pink bags hooked on the corner

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

Make your small office space a more inspiring place to work by adding in a colorful feature.

“Incorporating vibrant wallpaper on one wall or on all the walls can instantly refresh an office,” says Ricky.

We think this Graham and Brown Retro Wallpaper from Target would add a striking look to any workspace.

If you’re renting and can’t do this, you could always opt for wall art prints instead, which you can hang up with damage-free adhesives such as these Command Strips from Amazon.

Artem suggests, “Curate a gallery wall to create an art exhibit you can periodically change up, as an easy small office upgrade.”

You could even bring in vintage storage boxes from secondhand furniture stores to add color and texture.

6. Choose indoor plants

A gray small office space with a wooden shelf with five plants on top of it, and dark gray desk with a Mac laptop and three different sized plants on it

(Image credit: Leaf Envy)

Whether you want to add just a couple or create a tropical vibe, the best indoor plants are easy small office upgrades.

“Bring greenery into your office with low-maintenance indoor plants, as these can brighten the mood and purify the air,” says Artem.

Introducing plants can also infuse a sense of inspiration and uniqueness into the room. We like to dot around succulent plants in offices (these Shop Succulent Plant Packs on Amazon are Amazon’s Choice), as they only need watering once a month.

7. Finish with a footrest

A cream oblong footrest with a black Chanel book and brown book on top of it, in front of a white and black painted patterned fabric on top of a light gray rug

(Image credit: Rowen Homes)

Easy small office upgrades can also include making it more comfortable to work in your space.

Tommy says, “I recommend finding an adjustable footrest you can put under your desk to support your feet. It brings the floor to you, which is great if you're short and find it hard to lay your feet flat on the ground,” he explains.

We’re stealing this advice and adding this Leermart Foot Rest from Amazon to our carts, as it offers ergonomic support, is easy to clean, and adjusts with four settings.

By adding even a couple of these easy small office upgrades to your space, you can change how you feel about it.

“You do not need a large number of things — just be sure to choose small but impactful upgrades which elevate the look as well as make it easier for you to work in the office,” Tommy finishes by saying.

For those looking for a touch more sparkle power, you also can learn how to make a small office look luxurious.

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