The spring Target home decor line embraces 2024's biggest interior trends

Ready for spring? Target has sweet home finds and on-point styles to swoon over

Spring Target decor pieces like throws and candle holders in a peach-colored living room
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Dreaming of spring? Target's new home decor buys will certainly give you a craving for sunny afternoons and a floral fix.

The mega-retailer has dropped fresh, vibrant buys for the upcoming season, and we can't wait to get our hands on lilac throws and terracotta vases, to name a few delightful selections.  

But more than a way to welcome the season, the store's collection expertly adopts 2024 small-space interior design trends and small-space color trends to help you take your aesthetic in a vibrant direction.


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Once the spring equinox arrives, Target will ensure every room in the house has seen an upgrade, a dopamine one at that. If you're planning on copying the pros by implementing pastels and a relaxed take on maximalism in your abode (two popular 2024 trends) we know you'll find what you need here. 

This year, we're encouraged to "engage in a delicate interplay of pastel hues like soft blush pinks, serene sky blues, and mint greens," interior designer Elizabeth Grace told Real Homes writer Eve Smallman. These selections are perfect for the less-loud, less-intense maximalism that so many designers are striving for over the next 12 months. 

If you're playing around with these colorful ideas, here are a few key pieces to start with. And for good measure, we recommend you add the viral Threshold Candle Lamp Wamer from Target to your shopping cart, because sweet home fragrances never go out of style.

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Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace is an interior designer who, after receiving her degree in Interior design from the University of Notre Dame, moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming an interior designer. Her passion drives her to create a platform to share her experience and facilitate her audience.

What to shop

Wondering how to keep up with the rest of the lovable styles coming down the pipeline in 2024? We spoke to designers and paint experts about ways to use the 2024 colors of the year without paint, and we've rounded up our favorite looks by room. Why not start with our favorite small living room design trends? We promise there's a lot to love.

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