This sleep mask with headphones from Amazon has unlocked eight hours sleep a night for me — and it's on sale

I can't imagine life without my sleep mask with headphones

We love sleep mask with headphones. Here is a black rectangular sleep mask lying on top of a white pillow with pink flowers and green stems, with a dark green headboard behind it
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If you struggle to sleep, a sleep mask with headphones like mine could absolutely change your life. Before I had my Musicozy Sleep Mask, I would spend hours tossing and turning worrying about things. Now, I just put on my favorite podcast and drift off to sleep in total comfort. 

I've told all of my family and friends about it, so I knew I had to share it with you all, too. I have broken down why I like it so much, shown you how to snag it on sale (it has over 50% off right now!), and picked out alternatives. I have even asked sleep experts why they're a good idea, too.

For those looking for bedroom ideas that allow you to drift off in pure bliss, this headphone sleep mask is a clever, chilled-out choice.

The Musicozy sleep mask with headphones is oh-so dreamy

Even if you lie down on the best pillows and wrap up in the best duvet inserts, you still might be missing something extra to help you drift off in style. And that, dear readers, might just be the Musicozy, which is one of the best sleep masks I've ever used.

I've found it on sale and picked out other sleep masks options, so you have plenty of choices to look through.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

Why I love the Musicozy sleep mask

A black rectangular sleep mask lying on top of a white pillow with pink flowers and green stems, with a dark green headboard behind it

(Image credit: Future PLC / Eve Smallman)

I'm one of those people who struggles to switch off at the end of the day. So, I'll put on a podcast to help focus my mind on other things. For a little while I used to do this with just regular headphones — but they weren't suitable to sleep in and often left me waking up with aches. Along with this, they'd often slip out in the night.

The Musicozy doesn't do that. It's elasticated, meaning it can be placed on the head and stays firmly put. Once you've slipped it on, all you have to do is make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on and press the power button to pair it. The Bluetooth range is 80ft — sometimes I have to go back in the bedroom and turn it off when I'm in my home office!

On either side of the power button are two volume buttons, which allow you to turn it up and down without having to look at your phone. If you toss and turn like me, this is especially useful, as it can sound louder when lying on one side.

I am also a hot sleeper. While my Purple Harmony Pillow helps with this (the Purple Harmony Pillow from Purple is on sale and has three height options), I was worried about this headphone sleep mask making me too warm. Luckily, the cotton material is ultra-breathable and sweat-resistant. I have only used it to sleep in, but it can be used as a sports headband, too, because of this reason.

As well as this, I love the fact it has 14 hours of charge time from just an hour's charge. This means that even if I accidentally forget to plug it in the next day, it still has more than enough juice.

The soft material, how great the sound is, and how easily it stays on in the light allows me to get a good night's sleep. I used to struggle to get eight hours of sleep before owning this, but now I get this every night and feel so much better for it.

Shop the Musicozy sleep mask

Musicozy Sleep Mask | Was $42.99 Now $19.99 (save $23) at Amazon 

Musicozy Sleep Mask | Was $42.99 Now $19.99 (save $23) at Amazon 

Size: One size fits all
Made from: Cotton, nylon, spandex

This Musicozy is the exact same one I have, and I can't imagine sleeping without it now. If you're conscious of the fashion part of it, it does come in 19 different colors, so you can match it to your pyjamas if you want. I just have plain black, though. I'm not the only one who loves it  — over 12,000 Amazon shoppers have given it five stars, raving about the performance of it, the sound quality, and its softness.

Why experts love headphone sleep masks

A woman wearing a white sleep mask with a white pillow behind her, wearing light green silk pajamas, lying on white sheets

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I’m a big advocate for headphone sleep masks, and experts agree with me that they’re a great alternative to regular masks.

“Headphone sleep masks can block light and sound — or let you listen to better sounds — to help you sleep more soundly,” explains Jeff Kahn, sleep expert and CEO and co-founder of Rise Science.

He continues, “Exposure to light while you sleep can impair both the quality of your sleep as well as your overall health. Sleep masks can help create the pitch-black environment you need.”

They can also be especially helpful for those in busy households. “Headphone sleep masks can be helpful if you live in a noisy environment, have work shifts that require you to sleep during the day, sleep when your spouse watches TV, or get distracted by your spouse’s or child’s snoring when you sleep,” explains Korina Burkhard, sleep expert and board advisor at Dozy Sleep.

When shopping for a headphone sleep mask, Jeff advises looking for ones that will fit snugly. This is because you don’t want any light to come in and you don’t want it to feel too tight.

He also recommends trying it out for the first time during a nap — this way, a mask that doesn’t work for you won’t disrupt your needed nighttime sleep.

“Plus, it's important to consider the design, especially if you are a side sleeper,  as bulky masks might be uncomfortable and disrupt your sleep,” Korina adds.

Shop alternative sleep masks

For those who struggle to drift off to sleep, as someone who used to be in the same boat, I recommend looking for headphone sleep masks like my Musicozy.

“A headphone sleep mask lets you craft the perfect ambiance to drift off into truly restorative sleep,” Jeff adds.

If you’re looking for other useful ways to help get a better night’s sleep, the best white noise machines and the best essential oil diffusers can also be beneficial.

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