The 9 best sleep masks for the most restful sleep ever

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Confession time: I was always very anti-sleep mask. That was until I tried one, and now I would never (ever) go back. Like, honestly, sleep masks have become somewhat of a low-key sleep obsession of mine. And, honestly, I really don’t know why I resisted them for so long. Besties, IYKYK. Am I right? 

Quick list: 

1. Best sleep mask reviews
2. Choosing a sleep mask
3. FAQs
4. How we choose 

Whether you’re as crazy about sleep masks as I am or you’re new to the concept, the most important thing is to find the mask that’s right for your personal sleep needs. While some of us love a sleep mask that blocks out light entirely, others of us prefer to opt for a silk design that keeps skin smooth and cool. 

Feel like treatin' yo’self to a new sleep mask? I’ve done a lot of digging around for the top-rated, shopper-approved buys. After trying them out (and asking friends who have tested them out their thoughts) these are the ones that have made the cut. 

The best sleep masks to buy in 2023

What to consider when choosing a sleep mask

1. Choose the material 

When it comes to selecting a sleep mask, it's important to be selective about the material. Each material has different pros and cons, so it's important to take those into account when picking out a new mask. Most sleep masks are made from cotton, silk, polyester, and foam, or are filled with beads. 

2. How does it fit? 

If you're going to sleep in an eye mask then you want to make sure that it fits your comfortably and isn't too loose or too tight. It's also important to make sure that it doesn't let in too much light. 

3. Consider how you sleep 

It's also a good idea to think about your sleeping position before you buy a new sleep mask. If you sleep on your front or your side, it's best to avoid bulkier designs as they may feel uncomfortable to sleep in. For back sleepers, a sleep mask that blocks light from every angle is vital. 


Can I wear a sleep mask every night?

Yes, it's fine to sleep in an eye mask every night. Sleep masks are designed to safely fit your face while remaining comfortable. 

Do sleep masks work for side sleepers?

For side sleepers, a mask that is smaller in size and not too bulky tends to work better than a larger, bulkier mask. A contoured eye mask can work for side sleepers just as long as the mask fits the face snuggly. 

Is it important to wash a sleep mask?

It's a good idea to keep your eye mask clean by following the manufacturer's care instructions, as otherwise, you could end up with irritated or infected skin or eyes. 

How we chose these sleep masks

These sleep masks were chosen based on their customer reviews. All of the eye masks featured in this guide have been highly rated by real shoppers for your peace of mind. When selecting the best sleep masks for this guide, we also took into account factors like their material, price, and care instructions. 

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