3 items for better sleep — I'm a homes editor and here's what I'm shopping in celebration of World Sleep Day

Better sleep might take a little bit of work, but we assure you, it's possible

Products for better sleep, including an eye mask, humidifier, and lightweight blanket, all on a sunset cloudy background
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Better sleep has been on my to-do since forever, and I figured World Sleep Day 2024 is the perfect occasion to work toward a restful eight hours. If it happens to turn into 12+ like Dakota Johnson recommends, so be it. 

It can be challenging to unwind at night, no matter how comfy a bed might be. Sometimes extra accessories make our environment more conducive to R&R, which is why I'm scouring shelves ahead of the global holiday on March 15. 

Since the best mattress alone don't seem to be enough to help me drift off to Neverland, take a look at what I'm eyeing. Fingers crossed that Mr. Sandman arrives sooner than later. 

Looking for better sleep? We have a few ideas

If you are catching flights and not Z's, it might be a matter of trying things out and experimenting with different accessories to adjust your surroundings. Hey, maybe the best white noise machines are more helpful than you realized. 

Perhaps the best pillows on your bed need a replacement for better sleep. I personally love the Original Casper Pillow — it's soft, but still sturdy and supportive. Whatever the case might be, don't be afraid to experiment. 

And, if you need a little extra assurance like yours truly, we've also uncovered the best TikTok sleep hacks to help you wind down at night. Read with a cup of (decaf) Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Melatonin Tea, from Amazon

What to shop

Looking for more ways to get some rest? We asked interior designers how to decorate a bedroom for better sleep, so consider these tips during your next decor overhaul. 

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