Primark just released a new pink velvet ottoman – and it's only £24!

Well this is a bit of a game changer...

Primark ottoman stool
(Image credit: Primark )

So you think you spend your life looking at the new in sections of your fave online shops? Well let us tell you, no one spends as long as we do trawling the internet for amazing new products (hey, we aren't procrastinating, it's our job!). And today, as we were doing our daily deep dive, we found this...

A pink velvet ottoman stool for just £24! And of course it's from Primark who have been upping their homeware game these last few months. Just keep scrolling to find out more and head over to our bedroom ideas page for more great buys. 

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(Image credit: Primark )

Well here it is, in all its super affordable velvet glory. This is the most excited we have been about a Primark piece since that rattan bedside table (did anyone, anyone at all, manage to bag one? There was much disappointment here at Real Homes). 

Not only is the blush pink gorgeous and the gold legs bang on trend, this is actually a really practical buy for your living room or bedroom because it has hidden storage! We love finding a piece that is not only gorgeous but works hard too. Use this as your dressing table stool and pop in all your hair styling tools or use it in your living room to keep the clutter at bay.

As with everything from Primark you can't order online (eye roll) you will have to pick it up in-store, so go, what are you waiting for, go get that pink velvet stool of your dreams, and don't let anyone stop you (not even Karen with the double buggy and the 10 shopping bags, you deserve this stool just as much as her). 

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