Primark Home's latest lighting is genius! Perfect for your rooms... and as Christmas gifts

Primark Home's lighting takes cuteness to a new level

Primark Home lighting: Mickey Mouse lamp
(Image credit: Primark)

Primark Home's lighting range is a treasure trove of fun finds that will brighten your home this autumn – and fill stockings come Christmas (YES WE MENTIONED IT!). Yup, what we lose in daylight hours, we gain in sparkly, warm fairy lights and fun lamps that make it all worthwhile. So, if you're feeling blue about shorter days, bring the light inside, literally, with our edit of the best buys for every room in the house. 

Added bonus? Everything is £10 or under! For more great lighting buys, ideas and advice, go to our hub page.

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1. Best Primark Home lighting for living rooms

Primark lighting lamp with bulb

(Image credit: Primark )

We are loving this take on the pared back industrial look. Perfect for small living rooms (takes up just about no space), we think it would make a fab bedside table lamp, too, as long as a warm, muted bulb was fitted to replace this one when it finally dies. Standing Giant Light Bulb, £7 (opens in new tab).

2. Best Primark Home fairy lights

Primark lighting gold cage fairy lights

(Image credit: Primark )

Looking for fairy lights with attitude? These 10L Caged Wire String Lights, £6 (opens in new tab), will add a touch of grown up glamour strung around a hallway mirror, along a mantelpiece or wound around a banister. 

3. Best Primark Home lighting for home offices

Primark Lighting

(Image credit: Primark)

Looking for a chic little light for a home office desk with no room for a large desk lamp? You've got it in the white USB Lamp, £9 (opens in new tab). Makes a great bedside reading light for kids' rooms, too.

4. Best Primark home bedside lamp 

Primark lighting white lamp

(Image credit: Primark )

Battery operated in a bedroom? Why not – perfect for kids' rooms or for renters with no sockets where they need them, this cute little battery operated Lamp, £3.50 (opens in new tab), is a must-have.

5. Best Primark Home lighting for kids' bedrooms

Primark lighting

(Image credit: Primark)

We love a bit of neon and while we think it would look cute on a living room shelf, this Cactus Neon light, £6 (opens in new tab), is the perfect buy for brightening up kids' rooms, whether for tweens or teens. 

6. Best Primark Home lighting for hallways

Primark lighting

(Image credit: Primark)

Hallways, bedrooms, living rooms – we think this Snow White Crown Lamp, £7 (opens in new tab), would look good anywhere. Can't beat a bit of kitsch.

7. Best Primark Home lighting for... anywhere

Primark lighting bulb

(Image credit: Primark)

We think this would look great nestling on a kitchen shelf, but the truth is, the Gold Globe Lamp, £9 (opens in new tab), would fit in anywhere except, perhaps kids' rooms, where that exposed bulb might just be asking for trouble. 

8. Best Primark Home lighting for Christmas

Primark fairy lights roses

(Image credit: Primark)

Actually, for Christmas and beyond. These cute Flower LED Lights, £6 (opens in new tab), throw out a warm, welcoming light, so while they'd look fabulous on a Christmas tree, they'd also look pretty draped around a mirror in a hallway or wound around a bed frame. Love them!

9. Best Primark Home lighting for Disney fans

Primark lighting mickey mouse lamp

(Image credit: Primark)

Designed to commemorate Mickey Mouse's birthday, this Mickey Mouse Light, £10 (opens in new tab), is a no-fail buy for Disney fans. 

10. Best Primark Home lighting for gifts

Primark lighting

(Image credit: Primark)

Looking to kick off your Christmas shopping early? This Initial Hanging Light, £4.50 (opens in new tab), looks just as good unlit as lit. Hang it on the Christmas tree, on a bedroom door, stand it on a shelf... the possibilities are (not quite) endless. 

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