The Paris Hilton kitchen set is pink perfection — and so 'hot'

The 10-piece Paris Hilton kitchen set, and other fun accessories from her Walmart line, will give your counter space a pop of color

Paris Hilton kitchen set being held up by Paris in a blue dress in her pink kitchen
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Your culinary endeavors will get pinkified with the new Paris Hilton kitchen set from Walmart — a "hot" way to prepare even hotter dishes. 

The reality star dabbled with meal prep in Netflix's Cooking with Paris, and she has since remodeled her modern kitchen to include a ballet-slipper-toned palette, one that gives Barbie a run for her money. Given her track record, her latest venture comes as no surprise. 

If you are in search of small kitchen ideas that add a little bit of fun, Paris is here to prove that the best types of cookware come in bubblegum pink. 

Check out the Paris Hilton kitchen set at Walmart

The Be an Icon by Paris Hilton home collection has something all foodies will appreciate: a non-stick ceramic cookware set—which includes an 8-inch fry pan, a 2-quart saucepan, a 4.3-quart Dutch oven, and four pan protectors—a heart-shaped knife block collection, and microwave popcorn popper, to name just a few items. You can consider these goodies small kitchen must-haves with a large helping of luxe. 

"For me, I really wanted to make cooking in the kitchen more fun because all the cookware on the market is just so boring and so basic," Hilton told The Hollywood Reporter. "I thought it would be amazing to partner with Walmart to create a really beautiful, pink, girly, glamorous line."

It might be a good time to figure out how to organize kitchen drawers so you can stock up on the non-toxic cookware line. The set is cute, but it's also something you can feel good about: the dual-layer clean ceramic nonstick coating is made without PFAS, PFOA, PFOS & PTFE.

What to shop

What's included

Paris' second drop for her homeware line has gotten shoppers' attention. Here's what the collection consists of:


Are Paris Hilton pans dishwasher safe?

Is Paris Hilton cookware non toxic?

Can't get enough of Paris Hilton's signature color? This furniture designer's pink loft apartment will give you some creative inspo. 

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