Nikita Karizma, womenswear luxury designer, delves into fashion influencing interiors

Plus, Nikita Karizma shares her career highlights, cultural influences, and her favorite candle

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Womenswear powerhouse Nikita Karizma is no stranger to style. The London College of Fashion alumna quickly found her footing when she was tasked with styling Lix Mix and Paris Hilton, kick starting her career with a bang.

She's since styled some of the film and music industry's biggest stars, always leading with a strong sense of individuality — something we've noticed flooding into homes design as head into the New Year. 

In this exclusive interview, we delved into how clothing fashion trends will translate into small space interior design and Nikita spilled the beans on everything from female empowerment, to the best candles to buy.

Real Homes chats with Nikita Karizma

The designer has worked with a slew of A-list celebs — including Lady Gaga and Winnie Harlow — and dazzled shoppers with chic, vibrant, and sexy garments like black cascading chainmail tops, and recycled vintage jeans with a crystal fringe.

But her passion is about so much more than eye-catching outfits. Nikita works to empower and uplift through her designs, paying homage to her South-Asian roots and giving back to organizations like Repurposed Project, a non-profit diverting useful resources from landfill.

And when it comes to creativity, Nikita has a serious non-negotiable. "Be who you are, speak for yourself and express how you really feel," the designer tells Real Homes

This is certainly an ethos we try to capture in the interior world and since Nikita is one step ahead of the hottest trends (as you'll see with her use of metallics, a Pinterest Predicts 2024 theme), we dove into how to translate these into your home, too. 

Nikita Karizma
Nikita Karizma

Nikita Karizma is a fashion designer with South-Asian roots who looks to uplift and illuminate with her garments, and is all about boldly expressing your personal brand of style throughout all facets of your life. Her new collection is bold, sexy, and chic. 

What trends can we expect to see in the fashion space in the upcoming year and how do you think they'll translate into the home?

Gen Z are definitely ones to watch this year in fashion, as they deep-dive into celebrating their unique identities. Overall, they are dressing for individualism and not following trends as much as previous generations. 

I've seen how Gen Zers enjoy their curated spaces and use interior design as a means to feel good at home. Similar to fashion, home design can allow Gen Z, and every generation, to celebrate their individuality and personal brand — and film some great TikToks along the way, showcasing their style.

Speaking of the beloved social media platform, these six TikTok interior trends for 2024 are going to be huge, according to our expert interior designers.

Your heritage seems to be a big part of your work. How have you taken things from your home life and incorporated them into your work?

My family are South-Asian — Indian Gujarati — and my grandparents started an Indian-Saree boutique over 60 years ago, that still runs today. The Indian saree is accessible to women from all walks of life and this inspires me to celebrate fashion with multiple generation of influence. 

My studio is also a family-run work environment. My sister works with me and between us, we have two dogs and a baby that come into the studio. Everyone on the team has a voice, and we prioritise a positive company culture and a family-like work environment.

Have celebrities been a major inspiration in your home aesthetic? 

I definitely am inspired by popular culture and the youth generation. In my home space, I take inspiration from the interior aesthetic we see in Los Angeles celebrity homes. I love stone walls, a concrete floor, minimal and statement lighting, and neutral colors. My favorite interior designer is Axel Vervoordt, who has designed many celebrity homes.

(We're crushing on plenty of celebs' home style right now, including Cameron Diaz's marble kitchen, Lizy Koshy's gorgeous kitchenware and Ashley Benson bedroom bar cart.)

What are the pieces you can't live without in your closet and home?

My wardrobe essential is a good pair of jeans — I love The Frankie Shop for my everyday mid-rise straight-leg jeans. I also love Balenciaga trainers, metal hoops, Skims basics, and an oversized fit bomber jacket. For my home, a space to meditate, a Diptyque candle, and Disney notebooks for journaling and dreaming.

What projects do you have in the works?

We are currently designing and building our new studio HQ. It's my current main project as the commercial property is under construction. I am looking forward to my team moving into our new creative environment. We have designed it to be filmable for our social media channels and a space for us to have forever evolving design. I'm looking forward to the design and communication that will come from our new lifestyle studio.

If there's one thing you want people to take away from your work, what would it be and why?

I am a huge dreamer and love getting lost in art and culture. Through my fashion designs, I want people to take a step out of their everyday lives and experience creative joy, connection, and feel-good environments.

Still thinking about styles and what's ahead for the new year? We spoke to interior designers about small space decorating ideas that will surely give you some inspo for your next home project. 

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