Ashley Benson’s bedroom bar cart beautifully mixes ‘contemporary elegance and utilitarian design’ say design experts

Ashley Benson's bedroom bar cart is both stylish and functional

Ashley Benson’s bedroom bar cart has stolen our hearts. Here she is in a black dress in front of a silver background with lettering
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Ashley Benson’s bedroom bar cart has proved to us just how versatile decor pieces like this can be. In her home tour with Architectural Digest, the Pretty Little Liars actor showcased the one in her bedroom, bringing at-home hotel luxe to a whole new level.

While Ashley used hers for drinks, she showcased the usefulness of having a bar cart in this space. Our design experts share why they love it, and how you can use one to add both personality and function to your decor.

Searching for small bedroom ideas and want to add a touch of elegance to your space? Making use of a multi-functional bar cart, as showcased on Ashley's AD Open Door tour on YouTube will not only add glamor to your home, but is a clever storage solution, too.

Ashley Benson’s bedroom bar cart

We think the best bar carts make great small space storage solutions, thanks to their movability and versatile spaciousness. Ashley Benson's bedroom bar cart does all of these things and more.

Why we love Ashley Benson’s bedroom bar cart

It can be hard to find a bedroom set-up which merges aesthetics with functionality. Ashley Benson’s bar cart does this brilliantly. “Her cart is a mix of contemporary elegance and utilitarian design,” says Guillaume Drew, founder and CEO of Or & Zon. 

“The use of metallic accents not only elevates the aesthetic but also aligns with the current trend towards warmer, mixed metals in small space interior design.”

Guillaume Drew in a black jumper with a black and white filter
Guillaume Drew

Guillaume Drew is the founder of Or & Zon. This is a home decor store that blends sustainable luxury with global artisanal treasures to enhance everyday living.

Bar carts are a wonderful addition to any home for several reasons. “They provide a stylish place to store and serve beverages, whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or spending time alone,” explains Joy Aumann, interior designer and founder of LuxurySoCalRealty. 

“Many of my clients over the years have used bar carts not just for liquor and cocktails, but to display an artistic arrangement of snacks, candles, or other items.”

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Joy Aumann

Joy Aumann is a licensed realtor, interior designer, and founder of LuxurySoCalRealty. She has two decades of luxury real estate and design experience staging homes

Ashley uses hers to store snacks, which adds a hotel-style feel to the space. Aumann says, “The mention of Ashley Benson's bedroom bar cart filled with candy reminds me of projects I've done where clients wanted a welcoming touch in their primary suites.

“Some enjoy the indulgence of late-night treats by the bed, while others appreciate the simple pleasure of decorative accents.” 

A bar cart allows for this while maintaining an upscale look. The spaciousness of Ashley’s also stands out as a smart choice. “In places when space is at a premium, much like in Ashley's loft, opting for a spacious, multi-tiered cart can double as a storage solution,” Drew adds. 

This also keeps essential bar cart accessories well-organized and within easy reach.

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Not only do bar carts work nicely in bedrooms, but can also work fit in well across other rooms in the house. “Having a well-stocked bar cart is perfect for hosting a party in your apartment or house, as it serves drinks beautifully without taking up valuable counter or table space in the kitchen,” Aumann finishes by saying. They truly are adaptable, multi-functional furniture pieces.

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