Luxury laundry detergent picks under $30 — including amazing scents and eco-friendly options

Luxury laundry detergents include cleaners, home fragrances, and some eco-friendly ways to make laundry more exciting

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Washing clothes is a chore, but luxury laundry detergents will make the experience feel less like a burden and more like a feast for the senses. 

Part cleaner, part aroma, and wholly satisfying, these sophisticated selections up the ante and will make you look forward to tackling the dirty sheets and delicates you've been avoiding. Heck, you might even do away with scented candles and reed diffusers after washing a bunch of towels with these awesome detergents.

Since luxe selections can get a bit pricey, we found our favorite eco-friendly laundry detergents to elevate the cleaning process without breaking the bank.

Our favorite luxury laundry detergent selections

One of the things people with nice-smelling homes always do is consider all rooms and diversify their scent options. 

Home fragrances aren't limited to candles and air fresheners. Doing laundry is one of the most basic ways to keep things smelling fresh at home, and if one viral option just so happens to smell like the beloved Le Labo Santal 26 fragrance, so be it. You certainly won't hear us complain!

What to shop

You might be wondering how often to do laundry and consider taking your schedule up a notch or two with these picks. Not only do these selections have fresh aromas, but a few offer sustainable formulations and a tough-on-stains-approach that we can all appreciate.

Now you've uncovered some generous cleaning products for your garments, it's time to make your laundry room sparkle. We've uncovered Insta-worthy laundry detergent storage ideas, laundry room essentials, and adorable yet sturdy laundry hampers to pull the whole look of this vital, functional space together.

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