6 stylish sheet storage alternatives to the TikTok-famous LinenMate

Don’t sleep on this storage trend

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Confession time: I’m awful at organizing bed sheets. I’m also a massive sheet collector — I just like having all the pretty colors and plenty of spares, because you never know when friends might pop by (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway). But the number of bedding sets I have takes up serious space in my very small upstairs cabinet, and I’ve always wished there was a way to keep them neatly stacked.

So when my FYP threw up this amazing TikTok organizer everyone has been obsessing, over, I was thrilled. The LinenMate niftily folds your sheets, which then contains them in a handy box. It even has a little label so you don’t get confused about which sheets are which (aka making sure you keep the good sheets for yourself).


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Not only does storing your sheets in boxes make everything look aesthetic AF, but it keeps them clean. "To keep your sheets fresh while storing them in between uses or during the off-season, I recommend washing then housing them in a breathable, cotton bag or organizer as it protects from dust but allows moisture to escape," says Katie Elks, Brooklinen's director of design and product development.

With the LinenMate being so popular, it’s so tricky to catch it in stock right now. But if you just can’t wait to get organized, I’ve got you covered with some fabulous alternatives for keeping your sheets stored in style.

6 sheet organizer alternatives to the TikTok famous LinenMate 

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