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Newsflash: organizing isn’t just a case of shoving everything into boxes. It’s a real process of making your home and items work for you in the spaces you live in. Luckily, this can be made so much easier with a few clever ideas.

I’ve rounded up organizing hacks which make storing everything such a smooth process. They’ll also seriously declutter your space, which is especially useful if you live in a small home or apartment.

They’re also renter friendly — AKA nothing that will mean drilling into your walls or damaging your home. I live in a rental myself, so I know how tricky it can be to work around these things.

So, scroll on down for my fave organization hacks that will seriously transform your home (oh, and feel free to screenshot them to use later)...

12 gamechanging organization hacks

These ideas cover a range of different rooms in the home, and can all be easily achieved with nifty products you probs already have...

1.  Hanging shoe organizers for more than shoes

Don’t get me wrong — using a shoe organizer is a fab way to keep all those kicks and heels in place in your closet. But they’re so versatile that they can be used in other closets in the home. For example, in your cleaning closet you could hang a shoe organizer and put cleaning supplies such as cloths, sprays, and sponges in it. If you have a big enough kitchen cupboard, you could even hang snacks in there for easy nibblin’.

BTW, SimpleHouseware’s shoe organizer is an Amazon bestseller, and over 75,000 five-star reviews vouching for how easy it is to use.

2. Create a command center

Okay, this sounds a li’l sci-fi, but your captain of cleaning is here to explain. Basically, at the entrance of your home, create a zone with everything you need to stay organized when going in and out. Go for items you’ll genuinely use, which could include a bulletin board (handy if you have roommates you need to communicate with), a calendar, and a key/trinket holder. This way, you can keep yourself organized and won’t be running around last min trying to find things.

3. Lazy Susan for easy access

There’s something about the name Lazy Susan that just gives me vibes. Who is she? Is she chilling RN? Anyway, you can put a Lazy Susan in the back of your cabinets, fridge or even under the sink so you can easily access hard to reach items, without knocking over everything in your cupboard. There ain’t nothing lazy about this — in fact it’s pretty innovative IMO.

These Landneoo ones which are Amazon’s Choice come in a pack of four and are non-stick, so your various pieces won’t be slippin’ and slidin’ around your cupboard.

4.  Tension rod under the sink 

I personally have all my cleaning supplies under my sink, and lemme tell you that it can get real crowded under there. The solution? You have to look up. Tension rods aren’t only good for keeping your curtains upright — they can actually be used to hang other items. Pop a tension rod under your sink, and then hook cleaning bottles onto them. This will leave you more surface area room for items like sponges, microfiber cloths, and cleaning pastes.

Adjustable tension rods, like this Blu-Pier Tech two-pack which is Amazon’s Choice, are ideal for fitting the rod perfectly into your under the sink space. 

5. Rolling cart for wheeling and storing

Have lots of items that you need in most of the rooms of the house, and don’t want to be spending dollar on duplicates? Keep the good times rolling with a cart on wheels. A cart could be used for cleaning supplies, snacks, or as a drinks cart. They can also be handy for items you need to grab easily while you’re doing something, such as vegetables for cooking. Plus, they're also a great size for tucking into gaps when you aren’t using them.

This Sywhitta cart is Amazon’s Choice has three tiers and comes in so many cute colors — the pink is my fave.

6.  Muffin tin for small items

I love baking, so I have way too many muffin tins that are taking up too much space in the cupboard. If you have loads like me, you can use them for organizing instead. The individual pockets are amazing for sorting out different sized smaller pieces that need to be together but not jumbled up. This could include stationery like paperclips and rubber bands, as well as craft supplies such as beads and buttons. 

7.  Wine rack for bottles and beverages

If you’re on a budget, you probs don’t have a load of wine bottles lined up for your next sesh. So, you might have a chunky wine rack that’s not getting used and is taking up space. Put it to good use by using it to store soft drink bottles instead. This way, you’ll save space on your countertop and in your cupboards, and can see easily what you have in to drink. 

8. Utensil tray for stationery items

If you have lots of different stationery items, organizing your desk can be a huge task. But by having everything into a utensil tray, all your items will be easily accessible, while being in one place. I’m talking bigger items, such as scissors, staplers, and pens that will fit comfortably in the larger slots. A bonus is that you can then carry the items around the house — perf if you want to do some crafting in the living room.

I love the cute pattern on this Evriholder from Amazon, and the fact it’s made of sustainably sourced bamboo is a major bonus too.

9.  File holder for storing kitchen items vertically

Baking sheets and aluminum foil are so handy to have in the kitchen for baking and cooking, but boy oh boy can they take up a lot of space. I’ve found that file holders are a fab way to store them vertically in one place. You can also get these in lots of aesthetic patterns and colors, so you can match your kitchen’s vibe to them and use them as decor too.

Walmart has a lovely light pink pack of four from mDesign which is made of plastic, meaning it will be durable and easy to wash. 

10.  Kitchen towel holder for spools of thread and ribbon 

My boyf is super into sewing, which has been game changing for me as he’s basically a live-in tailor. But because we live in a small rental, we don’t have loads of space for all his different threads. A kitchen towel holder can be used to stack up all your threads, and won’t take up as much space as a huge sewing box. I def recommend using a kitchen towel holder with a thin pole for this.

11. Magazine rack for styling tools 

I have one zone in the bedroom where I sit and sort my hair out, which used to be super untidy NGL. That doesn’t happen anymore though, thanks to my trusty magazine rack. By slotting your hairdryer, curling iron, and straighteners into one of these, you can save room and save time getting ready.

You can get a basic one or even go for something that will add to your room’s decor, like this Honey-Can-Do one which is Amazon’s Choice and has a beaut braided texture.

12. Binder clips for cables and wires 

I don’t know how wires get in such a mess TBH — I always imagine a fairy or something comes ‘round and does it. However it happens, it’s totes a total mare trying to untangle them. But what if they were all neatly put together, making it easy to find cable you need without it being knotted up with something else? This can be a reality, by using binder clips to keep them all together.

If you’re low on clips, this DSTELIN pack is Amazon’s Choice and has a variety of sizes for all your different kinds of cables.

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