Navy blue is the new black — here’s how to decorate with it

This shade is making serious waves 🌊

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It’s official — navy blue decor is back in our baskets. I love it because it has the same darkness as its gothy sister black, but its gorgeous sheen makes it shine against other colors without overpowering them.

If you’re less of a pastels gal and more of a darker shades babe, you’ll be pleased to hear that navy blue is back for this season. Ocean hues are going to be making serious waves this spring, with blues and greens all set to look swimmingly stunning in your interior.

The beauty of navy blue is that it’s timeless and versatile, too. I use lots of navy blue textures and touches in my bathroom to complement the shells and driftwood I have in there. But recently, I’ve been throwing it into the bedroom to add color contrast to my layers and layers of blankets and cushions. Whatever your style, there’s just so much scope to make it your own.

What’s also great about navy blue is that it helps make smaller spaces feel bigger because of how much depth it has. If you’re setting up your first apartment, navy blue is a great base color to decorate around.

Ready to show your ocean devotion? I’ve put together five handy tips for bringing it into your home and rounded up some gorgeous interior picks to get you started. And if you absolutely adore the shade, check out these blue decor ideas for even more inspo.

 How to style navy blue decor in your home

Looking to join the navy blue crew? It’s a beautiful shade, but it can be tricky to style. Don’t worry — I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to bring the color into your home… 

 1. Don’t drench the space

Okay, so just like me, you may have fallen in love with navy blue. But, if you completely cover the space in it, you’ll end up with a room that feels way too cold and welcoming due to the dark nature of it. Instead, bring it in with small doses, such as with vases, pillows, and throws, and take a step back each time and see if the pieces are working harmoniously. 

2. Match with other jewel-toned colors

Sapphire and navy blue look even more dazzling when paired with other colors that are just as rich and beautiful. Topaz mustards, amethyst purples, and emerald greens are all brilliant shades for making a vibrant impact. Having a mix of deep shades together will elevate your pad’s decor and create a modern luxurious look.

3.  Bring it into the bedroom

At the end of the day, you want to catch some Zs in the most chill way possible. Blue is known for being a calming color, which is why incorporating it into the bedroom is a fab idea. Navy blue looks so satisfyingly smart when paired with white bedding. Complement your interior with some matching ocean sounds, and you’re in for a dreamy night’s sleep.

4.  Contrast with neutrals 

For a softer way to break up blocks of navy blue, neutrals such as beige and creas are the way to go. Layer them together and you’ll get subtle beachy, summery vibes. Textured neutrals are an especially gorgeous way to do this. Think of using knitted, waffle, and bouclé, which all give these midnight shades much more depth. 

5. Finish with metallic touches

For a subtle shimmer alongside navy blue, golds and silvers are the way to go. Look for navy blue furnishings with these accent colors built in already and you'll save yourself buying multiple pieces. Or if you’re in a rental or small space where you’re allowed to change hardware, navy blue doors with gold or silver handles are simple but chic ways to bring them into your home. 

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