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Klarna teams up with Wayfair! (Just in time for Black Friday, too)

Yay! Klarna has partnered with our fave brand Wayfair. Here's how it all works and our best picks to buy right now...

Klarna partners with Wayfair
(Image credit: Wayfair)

You can now use Klarna on Wayfair! Wonderful news! 

Say what now? If you haven't heard of Klarna before, it goes like this: you fill up your basket with all the glorious things you want to buy from your chosen retailer, you get it delivered, and then you have up to 30 days to pay for it all. You can also use Klarna to spread the costs of your purchase too, paying in installments that suit you. 

Up until recently, Klarna has been big on the fashion side of stuff, and now, much to our delight, it has started to delve into homewares! And it's kicked things off by partnering with Wayfair, so it just got a whole lot easier to make all your interior dreams come true. 

So, you could order yourself the sofa of your dreams today via Klarna, pay nothing straightaway, test it out at home to see how it looks, and then if you love as much as you thought you would, set up the best way to start paying it off. Sounds ideal!

It's come at the perfect time too. With Black Friday on the horizon, you can make all those impulse purchases guilt-free. And really, why wait till the end of November? Head over to our Wayfair deals page now to see what offers are already live and just keep your eyes peeled for our Black Friday page updates. 

What to buy through Klarna at Wayfair right now

Of course, we had to celebrate the announcement of the Klarna and Wayfair partnership and do a little window shopping. Here we have rounded up our top five fave bits on Wayfair right now so you can get shopping right away...

1. Use Klarna to buy the cocktail chair of your dreams

Oh hello, dreamy pink velvet tub chair, how lovely you would look in our bedrooms? But how do we check you would be the right fit? Ah yes, Klarna. Pink not your thing? This chair comes in an equally stunning pale blue and deep red. It's also on sale right now at £225.99.

2. Need a new rug? Buy it through Klarna

Love the rug in this super cute living room? Conveniently it's from Wayfair. The Ringwald High Pile Gabbeh Cream Rug starts from just £33. It's nice and neutral so not going to distract too much from anything else going on in your room, but there are some lovely subtle colours in there too that you could bring out and make part of your colour scheme. 

3. Update your bedside table 

How gorgeous is this Wayfair bedside table, £123.99? It's got some Mid-century modern vibes with the tapered legs and dark wood, but as well as looking lovely, you also get a fair bit of storage with the three roomy drawers. So, if you are looking to declutter your space it could be a sensible buy. 

4. Pick out some trendy Wayfair bar stools 

These super stylish bar stools are on sale! So even if you do decide to keep them after your 30 days are up, they will still have only cost £65.99. Annnnd thanks to Klarna, you can spread that cost out over three months if you want to. 

5. Make that dream investment easier with Klarna

We all have that one dream item that's been on our wishlist forever, just waiting for the day we feel brave enough to finally make the purchase. For us that would have to be something like this four poster bed, £799.99 (eek!). Yes, it might be a bit extra, but we love it! And now you can use Klarna on Wayfair, you can realistically make these bigger purchases and work out a way of paying for them that suits you. 

BRB: just going to buy artificial flowers to wrap around our new fancy bed. 

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