Jennifer Garner's KitchenAid stand mixer is perfect for year-round baking

Bake all the cookies with Jennifer Garner's KitchenAid stand mixer

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While scrolling Instagram, Jennifer Garner's Kitchenaid stand mixer inspired us to get backing. Jennifer posted an incredible cloud cookie baking video, and while her first batch wasn't a home run, the second one looked perfect!

If you're going to be doing a lot of cooking and baking this year, then investing in a stand mixer may be a smart choice to save you some elbow grease. The good news for you is that we've tracked down the mixer she uses.

Plus, KitchenAid offers a great range of small kitchen appliances if you're not quite ready to bite the (baking) bullet.

Jennifer Garner's KitchenAid stand mixer 

See which KitchenAid stand mixer Jennifer Garner uses

We're the first to admit Jennifer Garner's KitchenAid seven-quart stand mixer, available on Amazon, is the kitchen accessory of dreams. As a partner with KitchenAid, Jennifer has a series of Instagram Reel videos in which she cooks various recipes, including her recent adventure into cloud-like chocolate chip cookies and this bit of kit appears to deliver every time.

This impressive device has a seven-quart capacity — the largest of the KitchenAid line-up. With this size, you can make 13 dozen cookies per batch, knead over eight and a half pounds of bread, or mash over seven and a half pounds of potatoes. 

The stand mixer is equipped with 11 different speed settings for power and control while mixing and a bowl-lift feature on the side. Plus, it's available in 11 different colors from a soft frosted blue to pistachio green and baby pink. And once you're done making your raw mixes, why not bake your goods using one of the best small air fryers we've recommended? 

More KitchenAid products to shop

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This year, I'm going to be breaking out all the hosting essentials for welcoming my guests, including some freshly baked cookies and treats. Thanks to Jennifer's advice my baking is going to go so much smoother after picking up one of these KitchenAid stand mixers. 

If you're a little worried about hosting guests in a small space, just make sure you plan well in advance and make sure you have enough food for everyone. You can even ask your guests to bring their own dishes for a potluck dinner or cookie exchange.

Jennifer Garner's cookie recipe

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