Joanna Gaines shares a surprising storage tip to keep your kids' bedroom organized

The home-flipping expert suggests incorporating old antiques into children's rooms

girls' bedroom with yellow and pink walls
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Kids' bedrooms are always a really fun decorating project, and a chance to get your little ones involved. Aside from choosing which color is going on the walls, one of the most important elements is finding storage options that will keep things tidy. 

Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines revealed an easy tip for kids' rooms that does just this - while also bringing in a decor piece that tells a story. The queen of shiplap suggests incorporating antique containers into your kids' bedroom design ideas.

boys' bedroom with green wall, bed and wall art

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If you're thinking kids' rooms and antiques are three words that do not go together, bear with us. We think retro items that you're not too precious about are a great small kids' bedroom design idea that makes things feel more stylish.

On an episode of Fixer Upper she uses an antique toolbox to store crayons for her client. 'One of the things I love to incorporate in kids' spaces are funkier pieces,' Jo says. 'This was an old toolbox, and so I always think it's fun to find containers and things that you wouldn't typically put colors in.'

We really like the contrast created between older items, whether they're made of wood, leather or a metal, and bright kids' toys. 'It's a really cute piece that has a story, but now you're just giving it a new purpose,' Jo adds.

storage unit with baskets

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Look out for hard-wearing boxes, tins and crates, or some old leather suitcases that you can stack on top of one another. It goes without saying that second-hand storage ideas for kids' rooms are a more sustainable option than flat-pack items bought brand new - and it means your kids' room has something a little different.

Recently we were struck by the way Home Work stars Andy and Candis incorporated an antique mantel and chandelier in their daughter's bedroom. While it might seem a risky move, furniture and decor pieces that anchor the room in history undoubtedly make a kids' room feel more curated.

Opting for a cheap toolbox picked up from a flea market like Joanna Gaines means have a handy place to store toys, pencils and books for bedtime stories. You might even have something that would work just as well up in the attic already...

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