IKEA trends for 2024 — how to bring the Scandi style into your space this year

We spoke to an in-house expert on the IKEA trends to keep in mind when decorating this year

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For those who love the Swedish brand, IKEA trends are well worth knowing when decorating your home this year. The simple designs, wide variety, and affordable prices make it seriously popular for good reason.

We've spoken with one of IKEA's in-house design experts to find out what design pillars the loved homes brand is focusing on this year, and how you can use these to decorate your space.

When searching for interior design trends, knowing what major furniture and decor brands are doing is always a useful steer, as they know exactly what shoppers are looking for and love.

Whether you’re looking for small space interior design trends or live in a larger place, IKEA’s style guide for 2024 is chic and timeless.

“From one calendar year to the next, there are things happening in our society which we take into consideration,” says Seana Strawn, country home furnishing and retail design manager at IKEA.

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Seana Strawn

Seana Strawn is the country home furnishing and retail design manager at IKEA. She has over 23 years of experience in the home furnishing industry. 

She continues, “At the same time, we’re not driven by trend — we want to meet people with what they’re looking for, but do it in a uniquely IKEA way.”

All of the design styles are (naturally) rooted in Scandinavian design. “We always say within Scandinavia, we should be considered typically IKEA, and the rest of the world, should be considered typically Scandinavian,” Seana adds.

Because of this, the four elements bring in this design style’s ethos of functionality and practicality. 

As well as chatting with Seana to find out her insight into these IKEA styles for the year, we’ve also scoped out matching buys in case you want to get shopping ASAP.

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1. Warm minimalism

A flatlay with a round tray, colorful throw pillows, vases, and shoes

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While last year was dominated by luxe-style interiors (we’re talking to you, quiet luxury), 2024 is all about paring this back in a dreamy way.

“Dark wood tones such as walnut are coming in, which are all classically routed in mid-century modern design,” Seana explains. “As well as this, we’re seeing materials like chrome connected with warm tones to ground it down.”

This can then be balanced with tactile materials such as leather, as well as with furniture with soft corners. Pair up chic elements with cozy elements like this, and you’ll have the warm minimalism look nailed down.

2. Swedish roots

white table, colorful seats, and black and white throw pillows

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It’s no surprise IKEA is fully embracing its Swedish roots — many brands and interior designers this year are going back to their tastes. Seana explains, “This has pops of color, along with whites and blonde woods to give it a classic Scandi, Swedish look.”

In terms of IKEA must-haves embodying this, Seana points to the ÄRTBUSKE watering can.

“This is one of my favorite products I actually own, because it is beautiful even in its simplest form, and is a useful modern item, too,” she says.

Seana says they expect to see plenty of fun and functional shapes, along with graphic colors and prints, appear as spring home decor trends.

3. Modern playfulness

A flatlay with colorful decor, utensils, and swatches

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While there’s certainly a place for minimalist decor, 2024 is the year of bright shades and patterns, with a touch of maximalism.

Seana tells Real Homes, “We're seeing a lot more people experimenting with color — I think people need some joy in their life and there’s a psychology behind how colors affect your wellbeing.”

If you want to bring this in, Seana recommends pairing it with natural touches to elevate the finish.

“Sometimes with color, there can be this misconception of it not being quality, but by connecting it to materials such as glass, this balances it without walking away from the self-expression aspect.”

Whether you’re looking for living room trends or other rooms in the house, experiment with different materials and shades and you may even surprise yourself with some gorgeous combos.

4. Scandinavian folklore

A flatlay with red, gray, yellow, and white pillows, food, and swatches

(Image credit: IKEA)

Nature-inspired prints and traditional textures aren’t going anywhere in 2024 — just ask cottagecore, which has become a staple design style.

Seana says: “For Scandinavian folklore design, material use is very simple in its form, but there is a lot of handiwork with tactile, handwoven textiles.”

This again traces back to IKEA’s beginnings. “This recurring style trend is rooted in our Swedish heritage in using simple yet practical pieces.”

One traditional shade IKEA likes to use is falu red, which also runs through many of its other trends, tying them together neatly.

From here, you can follow one of the IKEA design styles to the letter, or incorporate pieces from it into your aesthetic. Either way, it's handy to use trends as a guideline — just make sure they're speaking to what works for you and function well in your space.

If you do want to keep up with the latest design trends, it's worth brushing up on outdated decor trends, as these can date your space very easily.

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