How to clean a rug like Mrs Hinch? Try this trick – and use it to clean carpets, too

Rug looking marked, tired, or got a bit of a niff? This Sophie Hinchcliffe-endorsed hack will bring it up a treat – and it's great on carpets, too

how to clean a rug
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Need to know how to clean a rug? Sometimes vacuuming just isn’t enough to get a rug looking like new. The foot traffic of daily life, and maybe the fact that your pet loves to hang out on it can make your rug look far from its best, and even leave it a bit niffy.

Cleanfluencer and Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch has come to the rescue, though, with a tip that will get your rug looking and smelling fresh once again. Even better, it’s a rug remedy that requires just a few things we reckon you’ll have in the store cupboard already.

This tip actually came from one of the Hinch army in the first place, but the Insta star tested it herself before sharing, so you can be confident it’s met her high cleaning standards. 

Clean a rug like Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch loves a rug – her home is full of them, right down to under the dining table. And we know that, with baby Ronnie, keeping them a clean is more of a challenge and a must!

Hello and Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend so far! It still feels so strange for me to say my dining room 🤣 because I’ve never had one before! But as you can see this room was once my lounge and I love the fact that it still feels cosy which is exactly what I wanted! I also wanted to take this chance to say thank you for tagging and sharing your Activity Journals with me! It’s been so amazingly overwhelming guys and I can’t believe this is my second book to reach #1 and it’s all because of you ❤️ Ive loved seeing your hinchlists and I’ve ticked quite a few things off my list today and I’ll be adding some more ready for the week ahead ✅ But for the rest of today me Jamie Henry Ronnie and Abi are going to go for a quick walk to the park 🍁 and then I’m going to attempt to make some sort of sausage casserole/ hot pot thing for us 🙈😂 so wish me luck because I can’t cook 🤣 but I’m just excited for us all to sit up at this table and eat it! (If it’s edible) I hope you all have the best cosy evening indoors , candles on, TV, sofa and blankets! Because that’s exactly what we’ll be doing! Lots of love and thank you for everything ❤️ #mrshinch #mrshinchtheactivityjournal #imahincher #diningroom #iloveoctober Mirror: @furniturevillage Curtains: @veryuk Table: @barkerandstonehouse * Carver chairs: @charlestedinteriors * Table accessories: @dunelmuk Rug: @therugseller * Vase: EBay • {*gifted items} #gifted Sophie Hinchliffe

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1. Get yourself some fabric conditioner, washing gel (we recommend clear), a clean, lint-free light-coloured cloth (to avoid colour transfer), and a bucket. You'll need a capful of the fabric conditioner, then add the washing gel, mix, and add warm water. That’s your rug-cleaning solution.

2. Then all you need to do is put your cloth into the mixture, wring it out so it’s not going to make the rug over-wet, then wipe on to the rug. 

3. Make sure you tackle just a small area at a time, and dip the cloth back into the mixture and wring again before working on the next section. 

4. Leave to dry fully before you let feet, the kids and your pets near your fresh, clean rug.