9 best shower curtains to elevate your bathroom in an instant

From boho to farmhouse, we've got the best shower curtains covered

Peach print shower curtain on left and boho shower curtain on right
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If your bathroom's looking a little worse for wear it's high time you invested in one of the best shower curtains. Refresh your tired (and possibly mold-ridden) shower curtain for a drastic change of look.

After scouring through pages upon pages of reviews and products, I've come up with a trusty selection, each design earning a minimum of four stars and kind words aplenty from doting shoppers. From boho beauties to fabric fancies, this guide has your back — whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist.

While you're on a roll with bathroom decor you might want to get rid of that ugly garbage can and switch it for a cute bathroom trashcan. And if you don't own a shower caddy then it's time to clear up your countertop and the sides of your tub, too.

The best shower curtains to buy

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Boho shower curtains

Say what you like, but if you're not getting a kick of kooky every morning, you're missing out. That's why I'm going all-out with rich, artsy designs and cool ombré touches. From here on out, it's boho a-go-go.

Black and white shower curtains

Sometimes, you can't beat a classic. Sure, it might be simple, but the humble black-and-white shower curtain is almost certain to match your bathroom decor, plus it's eternally on-trend. That said, you can still flex your interior nous by opting for chic designs like these.

Fabric shower curtains

These days, the fabric shower curtain reigns supreme, leaving the traditional vinyl plastics in its wake. Besides looking *way chicer*, it's also far easier to clean. Count me in.


Can fabric shower curtains get wet?

Absolutely! Often, the fabric designs are treated or lined so they can be used without worries. That said, there are some considerations to keep in mind. "Many fabric shower curtains are made from materials like cotton, polyester, or a blend, which are often water-resistant but not completely waterproof," says Brad Smith, the lead interior designer at Omni Home Ideas. "These curtains typically require a plastic liner on the interior side of the shower to prevent them from getting excessively wet and to protect them from mold and mildew." Don't panic, though. There are loads of shower liners out there, specially designed to prevent mildew and mold buildup. Try Amazon, to start.

"Some higher-end fabric shower curtains come with a waterproof coating or are designed to be used without a liner," adds Smith. "However, even with these curtains, it's essential to ensure good ventilation in the bathroom and to allow the curtain to dry fully between uses." 

Make sure to keep your shower curtain clean to stay on top of mildew and mold. 

Do all shower curtains fit?

By and large, most shower curtains come measuring approximately 72 x 72 inches, with the occasional variation around this. As Omni Home Ideas' interior buff, Brad Smith, puts it, "This size typically works well for standard bathtubs and showers." Chances are, this will work perfectly for the average renter or dorm-dweller's bathroom, but there's no harm in checking. A simple measure of your tub and shower should set you straight. "If you have a larger shower or a custom-sized shower, you may need to look for extra-wide or extra-long shower curtains," adds Smith. Fortunately, there's plenty more to choose from — just see some of the top retailers listed below.

Where to buy a shower curtain

Still not found your dream shower curtain? Don't sweat it. We've put together the top retailers below, where you're guaranteed to find a perfect fit.

How we chose these shower curtains

After hours of research, we pulled together a handful of well-designed pieces we love. Our criteria? If it didn't earn a minimum of four stars among reviewers, plus plenty of nice words, then it wasn't making the cut. Just this moment, we haven't tested every product, but you can rest easy knowing that shoppers don't lie. After all, it's their opinion that matters most. Practical? Check. Stylish? Double-check. *Actually* improving users' lives? Always.

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