We tried the pumpkin carving hack that removes seeds in minutes – it's a gamechanger

Using a whisk makes light work of pumpkin carving

pumpkin carving hack with whisk
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Carving your own pumpkins is one of our favorite Halloween traditions - even if scooping out the mush and seeds can be a bit of a pain. We tried a pumpkin carving hack that makes the process much easier - and less messy.

When it comes to how to carve a pumpkin, we'd do anything to make the process quicker and easier. After spotting, the electric whisk pumpkin carving hack doing the rounds on Facebook and Instagram we decided to give it ago, and it was a Halloween revelation.

pumpkin with whisk

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Of the various pumpkin carving hacks out there, this is one we'd definitely recommend. 

It involves all the usual equipment you'd expect for carving a pumpkin, the best pumpkin you can find, you'll need a sharp, medium-sized knife; a spoon and a bowl, AND a hand-held electric whisk. I used a trusty Salter hand mixer available on Amazon for £26.99.

Pumpkin carving hack

I started by cutting the top off the pumpkin like you normally would, and I cut the seeds off. I put that to one side, and moved the knife to a safe location away from my chopping board in case I lost control of the whisk.

The pumpkin was positioned on a chopping board to protect the surface - I did this on a kitchen worktop rather than a table, as the high surface made it easier to control the whisk and see what I was doing.

empty pumpkin after whisk hack

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I turned the whisk on the lowest speed, and put it into the pumpkin. Initially, seeds flew everywhere, but after angling the whisk a little, that quickly stopped. 

I went up and down all the sides to make sure I’d reached all the little stringy bits and seeds. My top tip would be to stick to the lowest speed to ease the seed spray, and only let the whisk run for a few seconds at a time.

I accidentally left the whisk running for a little too long in my enthusiasm and started to smell burning from the whisk. The whisking takes less than two minutes - don’t be tempted to do it for any longer.

Take the whisk out, and the seeds should come out super easily with a spoon, and you won't have to battle with the stringy bits of pumpkin. To neaten things up, I went around the edges with a metal dessert spoon to scrape out a little of the edges.

pumpkin vase

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This gave me more room to nestle in a glass to make my DIY pumpkin vase. This was very easy (and satisfying) without the seeds to contend with. 

Thanks to this easy hack, I had a perfectly carved pumpkin in less than five minutes - not bad at all. Despite the initial seed spray making a bit of a mess, it was a pretty tidy procedure.

This is a Halloween decorating gamechanger – I usually have to focus all my efforts on one pumpkin lantern as I can’t face the endless scooping out process. But armed with my electric whisk, I’m already plotting a full pumpkin doorscape and tablespace come 31st October.

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