5 pumpkin carving hacks to make creating cute Halloween decor easy

Tackling you pumpkin this evening? These carving hacks are the game changers you need to know about

Pumpkin carving hacks
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So the dream when it comes to pumpkin carving is you sit down, put on Hocus Pocus, have a mulled cider to hand and get creating the most amazing pieces of elaborate artwork. Reality: it's messy, it's sticky, the pips get everywhere, the pulp feels gross and it's just not always the idyllic autumnal scene you imagined.

So, to help you get a bit closer to your dream fall evening, we have found the best pumpkin carving hacks. And if you want a step by step on how to carve a pumpkin we have a guide for you to follow too. 

1. Cut your hole in the bottom of the pumpkin

One of the most tricky parts of pumpkin carving sometimes isn't even the carving itself, it's getting the candle in and getting it to sit right. Sp top tip is to cut  you hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and carve it out from there. Plus it looks much nicer because you don't see the chopped off top either. 

How to grow pumpkins

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2. Use a wipeable marker pen to make your design

In years past we have made the mistake of using a marker pen so we can clearly see our design. Put you always end up with a dark, messy  edge to your design where the marker has kind of bled into the flesh of the pumpkin. Instead pick a wipeable marker and choose a red pen so you really won't be able to see it once you have carved in your design. 

If your artistic skills aren't quite up for creating the pumpkin designs you have seen all over Instagram and Pinterest, cheat the look and use cookie cutters to create your shapes. Stars work so well – use different  sizes all over the pumpkin and the over all look is so effective. 

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4. Vaseline will keep your pumpkin fresher for longer 

After a few days, your pumpkin can start to look a little sad and goes a bit droopy  where you have carved it. Try putting a  layer of petroleum jelly around the edges of your shapes to make it last longer. 

5. Get a pumpkin spiced smell using cinnamon

This is a great pumpkin hack we saw on Tik Tok, and we've tried it and can say  it actually works! Before lighting the candle in your pumpkin, sprinkle down a light layer of cinnamon, once you light you candle you'll soon start to smell the cozy scent of pumpkin spice. 

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